Monday, April 21, 03:15:56 PM

cool concept for a movie - a bit weak on the executuion of the idea, but not a bad movie. One makor flaw - Ethan Hawke horribly cast.

Tuesday, November 5, 06:40:37 AM

better than anticipated.. a decent flick.

Friday, October 11, 06:49:38 AM

As soon as I started watching this movie, I didn't feel good for some reason. Guess it was the movie, right? Really, what a stupid forgetable movie, nothing shocking or scary whatsoever, the characters were all dumb as hell. And it was so dark I could hardly see anything, which made it even worse. Worst movie I have ever seen, and that includes the bling ring. ugh. But I still like Rhys Wakefield and Ethan Hawke though, it's not their fault the movie sucked, it was the script.

Wednesday, July 3, 05:55:06 AM

Cool movie

Tuesday, June 25, 03:02:16 PM

Awesome movie! Scary concept really makes you think that in reality none of us are safe. Even without The Purge, this could happen to anyone all it takes is for some psychos to break into your house!

Tuesday, June 18, 11:21:16 PM

This movie was so bad! It was so predictable and you could see the shadow of the video camera at one part! Can't believe this got into the theatre! Don't waste your time!!!

Tuesday, June 18, 07:48:28 AM

Would prefer to give this movie 1/2 star but it looks like 1 is lowest.It sucked from beginning to end

Sunday, June 16, 05:01:08 PM

If you like movies like "The Saw" franchise or movies with sadistic torture or other forms of depravity, then you won't like this movie. If you have become desenstized to the above then you won 't get a rise either. It's somewhat of a morality tale where the father has to choose who to save and his children teach him that he's been found wanting. It surprised me, quite violent at times but worth seeing.

Friday, June 14, 11:44:40 PM

I will never fully understand why such a movie was conceived. What has society become to allow such a grotesque film to be made public. Society is concerned over the implications movies such as the Fast and Furious has on young impressionable minds. I ask, what kind of message does this movie send? What a waste of time!

Friday, June 14, 12:18:21 AM

I thought it was pretty did the many who went to see it with me. Just a waste .

Thursday, June 13, 06:20:54 PM

I would rather give it 1 star! Garbage.

Wednesday, June 12, 05:48:40 PM

What garbage. Whatever message this movie was trying to convey got washed out in the stupidity of the plot. Even the HOUSE doesn't make any sense from a structural standpoint. A half hour of the movie is wasted with little payoff; things happen that don't seem to have much to do with the rest of the movie either. Save your money, folks.

Tuesday, June 11, 08:29:42 PM

It's all wrong. So many holes!!! Really finish the job, people have 1 year of knowing your neighbours want to kill you! Everyone can plan for a year how to destroy each other. Ridiculas. I wish I never saw this movie. It's great topic for conversation but psychologically disturbing and it just doesn't work. Really, kill your gf's dad so you can be together?? Would she want you after you dumbass?? I can't stress it enough purging doesn't work for the movie or for fantasy. Think of the clean up the next day. Or think of arsonists destroying cities or neighbourhoods..come on.

Tuesday, June 11, 04:17:58 PM

The movie is horrible - almost as bad as the grammar in the rest of the reviews for this film. Lazy writing, cheesy dialogue, bad acting and no character development. Who leaves their daughter running around the house in the dark with a stranger? Why would they make the kid wear a watch that monitors his pulse? Just so they could put a scene in the movie where he puts it on his dying dad's wrist??? Mind-numbing. Don't worry, this isn't a spoiler alert, you'll figure out the entire plot within 5 minutes of starting this garbage.

Sunday, June 9, 12:58:11 AM

This movie was quite predictable for the most part, and there was nothing memorable that I took from it. Great movie concept but I did not like the way it was executed. I expected there to be a lot stuff going on but instead it seemed far to linear and then it was over.

Saturday, June 8, 11:53:06 PM

Would have great to pull off some great heists. Rob a bank, a casino, build an empire. The bad guys have a year to plan some amazing stuff. Instead we get this. Why? Why? do directors/producers taken a great premise and mess it up with bad execution. So much potential, so much. So many great directions to take this. Instead it's driven off a cliff.

Saturday, June 8, 08:38:44 PM

OMG! A must watch in theatres!

Saturday, June 8, 05:41:15 PM

great idea , something different.

Saturday, June 8, 01:38:52 PM

The story premise was good but it had some obvious holds. Most of the acting was great, however Ethan Hawke needs to go back to acting school. The suspense was excellent and it gave a realistic insight into human behavior when society is allowed to do what every it wanted for one night without consequences. That's the scary part.

Saturday, June 8, 11:37:39 AM

Great original story little predictable in places but really enjoyed it. What a concept wonder what the rest if the worlds reaction would be if the Americans did this.

Saturday, June 8, 12:36:29 AM

This movie was not as good as I thought it would be. I would wait until it comes out on video. The concept was good, but they should have documented it differently!

Saturday, June 8, 12:25:55 AM

Finally a trailer that didn't give away the movie which made this enjoyable. Also the characters didn't give out the "I'm dumb during a crisis" for most part of the movie.