Tuesday, February 12, 10:33:15 AM

Funniest feel-good movie I've seen in years. Wonderful acting.

Tuesday, February 12, 09:29:13 AM

Contrived and ultimately dull. May appeal to those easily entertained.

Monday, February 11, 04:18:24 PM

The Upside has all the elements of a heartwarming film and sometimes arranges them in compelling ways, but the film overall lacks warmth for its characters or passion for its plot.

Monday, February 11, 04:14:47 PM

I wanted to like it, but I didn't.

Monday, February 11, 12:48:36 PM

Excellent movie! A serious subject mixed with humor...

Monday, February 11, 12:26:37 PM

Bland and preachy. They took tested material and did nothing with it. What a waste.

Monday, February 11, 11:52:06 AM

A “feel good” ending...Kevin Hart was outstanding!

Sunday, February 10, 08:30:23 PM

Lot of comedy mixed in.

Sunday, February 10, 07:19:42 PM

Omar Sy has more charm in his toe than Kevin Hart has in his entire being. If you are going to remake something, please add some charm and a comparable cast.

Sunday, February 10, 07:15:32 PM

Another dreadful attempt by Hollywood to Americanize a wonderful foreign film, and failing to do so. Yawn ....

Saturday, February 9, 07:19:03 PM

Great movie. I will definitely buy it when it comes out on dvd

Saturday, February 9, 03:18:57 PM

This is one of the best movies Kevin Hart has done in his movie career.

Saturday, February 9, 12:12:02 PM

Awesome movie, I really enjoyed it.

Saturday, February 9, 12:05:12 AM

Awesome movie

Friday, February 8, 02:02:52 PM

This movie was great. Very funny and excellent story.

Friday, February 8, 11:44:48 AM

wonderful movie! What a surprise!

Friday, February 8, 11:42:36 AM

Loved it! Excellent movie with a great cast! An absolute delight to watch in this world that’s otherwise full of entertainment garbage!

Thursday, February 7, 05:40:46 PM

Overall very good movie! Good story with good acting enjoyable to watch form the beginning to end.

Thursday, February 7, 11:17:54 AM

The Upside adds itself to a long list of films that Hollywood remakes and fails to emulate.

Thursday, February 7, 11:00:27 AM

The Upside follows a formulaic approach and relies heavily on low emotional blows that seek immediate empathy but lack subtlety.

Thursday, February 7, 10:52:51 AM

Eh really this was just ok, Bryan Cranston was really good but Kevin Hart was just ok in it. Nicole Kidman had about 30 minutes of air-time which didn't help either. Of course we knew the typical ending was kinda cliche too. Really a DVD kinda movie, nothing to spend $10-$20+ on for a movie night at the theaters.

Thursday, February 7, 10:44:11 AM

Yawn, I was as bored watching this movie as the actors were in it. This movie was so lifeless and ambled along so slowly yet going nowhere.

Wednesday, February 6, 11:08:03 AM

Best movie I’ve seen

Tuesday, February 5, 05:17:09 PM

Wonderful movie - what a pleasant surprise - I expected a tearjerker, but it was far from that. Highly recommended and worth the price - particularly after my last 2 awful choices of The Favourite, and Roma - man alive, I just don't see how the critics rave about such godawful films and not a peep about this pearl. Go watch it, you will not be disappointed.

Tuesday, February 5, 04:32:34 PM

Excellent movie with superb actors and acting

Tuesday, February 5, 12:34:58 PM

fantastic. I thoroughly enjoyed this movie.

Monday, February 4, 06:57:28 AM

Great story with lots of humor thrown in. Lots of laughter echoed thru the theater during the playing of the movie. Great ending.

Sunday, February 3, 10:57:32 AM

excellent "feel good" movie. True story well acted, best movie I've seen is a while. Recommend to couples and family.

Saturday, February 2, 04:54:47 PM

Sirius drama with lots of laugh aloud comedy. The acting and pieces of the movie made me feel like I was there

Saturday, February 2, 03:10:34 PM

Melancholy, humor, uplifting of the human spirit and lives transformed in this movie. Truly engaging from beginning to end. Best movie I saw in 2018

Saturday, February 2, 02:57:15 PM

True story. Very well done and uplifting.

Saturday, February 2, 02:26:47 PM

Just a great movie compared to what's out there. Its well worth the trip to the theatre.

Saturday, February 2, 01:43:34 PM

One word- Fabulous!!!

Friday, February 1, 10:26:41 PM

Fabulous movie....very heart felt and lots of laughs. Both main actors did a great job acting.

Friday, February 1, 07:41:40 PM

Such a wonderful movie and story is "The Upside" = We enjoyed seeing it at Ottumwa, IA's Cinema 8. It's worth your time and money to see it. You know it's good, when you find yourself thinking about it, or talking about it later.

Friday, February 1, 11:00:59 AM

Typical and bland is the best description to describe the Upside. The film pits a predictable immature man with a disabled semi-father figure. Though both Cranston and Hart play their roles well we have seen them play these characters before and we have seen this narrative remade many times too. It's just rehash really and to go into more detail is just rehashing as well.

Friday, February 1, 10:51:49 AM

Hollywood seriously needs to leave well made movies alone. This is an awful attempt at recreating the Intouchables! The original is irreplaceable! Hollywood tried this with Death at A Funeral and did a terrible job at that as well. When will they ever learn? This movie is lacking in so many areas!!!

Friday, February 1, 10:48:46 AM

I really love the potential of a Kevin Hart movie but this one felt like they put in all the time in the beginning & middle but ran out of time for a solid conclusion. I enjoyed the movie but it had the potential to be a favorite... except it fell flat. The two main characters had such chemistry & it fizzled instead of sizzled :(

Thursday, January 31, 10:17:42 PM

They handled the disability aspect quite well

Thursday, January 31, 09:15:24 PM

An absolute solid 5 - This movie had everything! I’m 80+ years old and never wrote a movie review before but for this movie I just had to. Both my wife and I came away from the movie feeling completely uplifted. My wife mentioned some very positive things she was going to start living. This a Must See!!!