Thursday, August 10, 01:42:50 PM

I just saw this now in the theatre and I have to say what a pathetic movie. The bad reviews on here are so accurate. I am so frustrated with this movie with how everything was put together and the main actor just terrible. I wish I read these reviews before I went because I probably would not have seen it. Definitely and I say definitely will not see the next one. I can't believe it has a lot of good reviews. I saw that one comment Gal is sexy really is that all you people care about. Give me a break. She isn't that hot clot look at it. Stale acting and a terrible plot line. Will not recommend. Save your money and see something else. The bad comments on here I give 5 thumbs up but this movie 5 thumbs down.

Thursday, August 10, 01:35:31 PM

DC will never match Marvel. They should accept that instead of pumping out these crappy movies. Take your time with making your movies because rushing them like this is a disappointment and shows why Marvel is still king. Find a better actor and make a better plot line. Rent when it comes out if you have to see this horrible movie

Thursday, August 10, 01:32:34 PM

The bad reviews don't nit pick we are just saying what is wrong with this movie. The things that are wrong with this movie is the main actor, plot, it is just over rated. It is another superman movie with someone that is untouchable as him. Give me a break. Terrible movie which I would not recommend or watch again. If there is a second count me out on that one if there ever is one which hopefully there is not because there will be no support from me at all. If you get rid of gal Gadot then maybe but if you keep her then count me out.

Thursday, August 10, 10:06:35 AM


Thursday, August 10, 09:12:41 AM

Just sad that this is what is being passed for Wonder Woman these days. I brought my 13 year old daughter hoping to give her an icon to look up to, as she was in the comic books and even in the TV show. All this was, was Superman (and then some) with curves and an attitude. That is NOT the icon women need... in fact, that is a slap in the face to women suggesting they are ignorant enough to buy this load of crap. Women (in general) are simply NOT that dumb. They need a Wonder Woman who derives her powers and ability through integrity, strength of heart, true courage (knowing you can't get hurt is not courage), and KNOWING who she is instead of feeling she has to convince everyone who she is before she can believe it herself. That is what's WRONG with icons like this. Sad.

Wednesday, August 9, 08:52:56 PM

Gal equals sexy really. Thumbs down to that comment. That is all you people care about. You all say she is hot and that is all that matters. You guys shouldn't put up your reviews because they aren't acurate at all. They are misleading and get some of us to waste our money to go see this pathetic movie which I did expect a lot better of a movie. I put up a review and let people know what I thought of it and it did suck. Complete GARBAGE. I saw that comment back a couple of pages and that pretty much sums it up for me. Will not buy this movie when it comes out and will not see the second. Complete disappointment. :(

Wednesday, August 9, 05:39:49 PM

thumbs down to the one star's people giving their crappy reviews, nothing good on their opinions that don't hold water just their nit picking the stupid, would luv top know their movies that they think that are good or would luv to see them make a better movie, not bloody likely

Monday, August 7, 10:15:59 PM

Hopefully gets the Oscar.

Monday, August 7, 09:22:09 PM

Please get rid of the sticks and bones wonder woman. Totally the wrong female!!!!!

Monday, August 7, 09:37:22 AM

was an amazing movie!!! everything about it was very well done

Sunday, August 6, 01:00:52 AM

Awesome movie! I didn't find it superficial as other super hero movies. Has depthness, come away feeling empowered and was entertaining .

Friday, August 4, 11:54:44 PM

Movie SUCKS. Don't waste your time and money. Wow is this that all that matters is gal gadot being hot. Give me a break because she is a terrible actor and a very bad plot. She isn't that good looking. I have seen better looking actors

Friday, August 4, 03:49:14 PM

Does every movie have to be engineered for the PC establishment?

Thursday, August 3, 06:13:12 PM

Good movie. Like or no to the previous user. Lol

Thursday, August 3, 11:23:43 AM

Confusing script, does not make any sense at all. She can fly but cannot climb a wall, Half an hour too long. Does not even deserve one star.

Thursday, August 3, 12:29:13 AM

pretty good movie. what a wonder woman that gal is

Wednesday, August 2, 07:24:03 PM

Great entertainment. The actress played her part very, very well. I will see this movie again.

Wednesday, August 2, 12:09:06 AM

Don't know how to auto correct? What a poor excuse to trying to blast this good movie.

Tuesday, August 1, 02:29:08 AM

The story had romance and good action. The Amazon story was great. The island scenes was a good introduction.

Monday, July 31, 09:53:34 PM

Maybe people have bad spelling because it is called auto correct and they probably forget to check it. The bad reviews on here a correct but the one comment I had a good laugh over was when zone one called this a garbage movie lol. That comment is spot on nothing more needed to be said. I wish I thought of that. Maybe I will use that on the next movie that isn't very good. DC you need to do a better job and not hire such a crappy actor and make a better movie with a better story. One that would have been entertaining. This movie deserves a half star for me. Go see something else

Monday, July 31, 02:17:37 PM

Bad spelling, Can't give the right reviews. lol

Monday, July 31, 12:33:43 PM

Great movie.

Monday, July 31, 01:31:32 AM

Good movie and she looked sweet and brave at the same time. She is a great actor. The movie was well made.

Sunday, July 30, 10:53:29 PM

Good super hero flick really. Common this was not a good super hero flick. It was terrible. Marvel would have done a better job then what DC is doing. They are trying to catch up and they are not doing it right. They should quit while they are still behind. Marvel is the king of comic book movies. Rock on Marvel. I wish you had wonder women because you would have done a better job with it and they would not have hired such a crappy actor. Who cares if she is hot because that doesn't matter. A good movie is what matters to me and this is not a good movie. I will never watch this again or the next one. Disappointed overall

Sunday, July 30, 01:56:38 PM

Good super hero flick.

Sunday, July 30, 01:48:34 PM

Good movie. People who are complaining are having spelling problems. Lol

Sunday, July 30, 01:47:09 PM

I think was a good movie. Waiting for the sequel. :)

Sunday, July 30, 07:56:39 AM

You shouldn't call this movie Aweful you call it complete Garbage

Sunday, July 30, 06:18:27 AM

Who ever is complaining and calling this a garbage movie maybe they like to voice there opinion but I would have to agree with this person because it was an awe full movie. Would not recommend or see again. Do yourself a favour and see something else.

Saturday, July 29, 09:29:14 PM

Good movie and the user who keeps saying is a garbage movie keeps complaining. Same user.

Saturday, July 29, 08:55:01 PM


Saturday, July 29, 02:49:24 PM

I know a good movie when I see one and this isn't a good movie at all. Where is the closest trash can. You all think this movie is great because she looks good. What a garbage movie. I agree with the garbage man. Great comment. Thumbs up to you

Thursday, July 27, 11:05:41 PM

I loved this movie! I'm not really a superhero type of girl but this will definitely keep you on your toes!! And on the edge a fantastic job!

Thursday, July 27, 04:54:12 PM

Can we watch this in mute? lol

Wednesday, July 26, 10:43:29 PM

I watched 3 times. ;)

Wednesday, July 26, 05:01:48 PM

Haters gonna hate, but this was well done, particularly the whole background story. Probably a half hour too long. 85/100 guru bob.

Wednesday, July 26, 12:02:25 AM

Have watched 3 times. Cant wait until the DVD comes out. Great movie!

Tuesday, July 25, 09:31:13 PM

I'm not even a Wonder Woman fan but I just watched and really liked it. Great visuals, great sets, great storyline and lots of action.

Tuesday, July 25, 07:34:19 PM

excellent film, thumbs down to the people calling a garage movie 85.81 percent luv the movie, rave review from film critics and small bunch that hate wonder women and don't know a good movie to a bad one as they nit pick stupid stuff, maybe just maybe they should stop watching movies and make one them self's if they think they can do better, not likely

Tuesday, July 25, 07:21:56 PM

Who keep saying garbage no only is trolling this movie but others except spider-man. Same typing style.