Thursday, January 7, 04:08:48 PM

Great graphics and great story!! James Cameroj did it again

Thursday, January 7, 01:22:02 PM

Awesome movie all around! It was long but unlike other long movies it didn't make me bored, and want to go home in the middle of the movie. I also didn't think " When is this going to end. The end needs to hurry up ".

Thursday, January 7, 11:52:02 AM

One word....... BRILLIANT! This movies was amazing... if you are going to see it I would totaly suggest the 3D experience. I saw the trailer and had no desire what so ever, I was dragged out and was totally shocked at how amazing it was. This movie can't even be compared to anything else, its too good. The graphice were absolutly unreal! I would suggest that anyone and everyone should give this movie a shot, I did.

Thursday, January 7, 12:06:39 AM

Most overrated movie of all time. All fluff and no substance. Without the 3d component, this movie would've bombed.

Tuesday, January 5, 10:40:20 PM

If your going to see this movie MAKE SURE that the theatre is giving you the 3d Glasses! Although the movie was still good you lost alot of the effects of 3D without them which takes away from the movie. Great special effects anyway.

Tuesday, January 5, 08:23:24 PM

Excellent Movie - both in content and technical special effects!

Tuesday, January 5, 06:48:57 PM

Better than I expected

Tuesday, January 5, 04:49:17 PM

it was an awe some movie and worth seeing it twice

Tuesday, January 5, 04:00:49 PM

Amazing got to see it in 3D

Tuesday, January 5, 02:53:40 PM

This movie was fantastic, and worth every penny, the way the forests and special effects were done, you cant tell what is real and what is not! LOVED IT

Tuesday, January 5, 12:31:51 PM

WOW! Finaly something worth going to the theatre for.

Tuesday, January 5, 11:08:15 AM

Phenominal! Mind over Body! Excellent!

Tuesday, January 5, 07:14:16 AM


Monday, January 4, 10:26:17 PM

Amazing. Definitely lives up to all the hype.

Monday, January 4, 10:00:37 PM

What a transports us into another world of beauty and innocence. For three hours you forget about the world we live in and focus on a world yet found.

Monday, January 4, 09:29:30 AM

Awesome movie! cant wait to see it again!

Monday, January 4, 09:20:44 AM

Vary good! The idea of seeing the same thing over and over again comes to mind but it leaves you with that feeling of a difference and the brilliance in this one makes it truly a great film, James you have done the movie goers proud with this one.

Monday, January 4, 05:25:51 AM

I am a 55 year old grandma and I, partner and 28 yr old Royal Marine son have seen this TWICE already...cannot believe it was 3 hrs long, time flew, you really believe the Na'vi are flesh and blood, yes, I predicted the plot very early on, but just sit back and drink in the beauty and wonder and you will be lost in the world of Pandora. Pure, blissful entertainment. But please, Cameron, DO NOT RUIN IT by making sequels....

Sunday, January 3, 07:33:10 PM

BEST MOVIE EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It`s 3D is more to feel as if your 'in' the movie, not to make thing`s fly at you, If you were 5 you would say "Mommy, can I go to Pandora?" BME!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, January 3, 05:46:29 PM

one of the best films ever made. CGI is out of this world. Great story too. This movie will change the way films are made.

Sunday, January 3, 02:15:27 PM

O.K so the dialogue was a bit juvenile at times and the story unoriginal, but it's still a good story and one that's worth telling again and again. This movie is worth the price of admission and then some! AWESOME!

Sunday, January 3, 02:12:42 PM

WOOOOOOOOOOOW. How about that, worth every penny spent making the movie and than some. Completely new way of incorporating fantasy and reality. The forest scenes were beyond belief.

Sunday, January 3, 01:35:27 AM

Truly a wonderful experience from beginning to end.Folks who don't like it are the same ones who hate Disneyland...where else in the world can you escape the doldrums of every day life and let your imagination soar? This movie takes you away,plain and simple.....

Saturday, January 2, 10:58:36 PM

3 STARS - I would have given it 4 if it wasn't so long, and of course 5 if the story line was more interesting. The visual affects were incredible and there are some really cool and interesting ideas in the movie, like the spirituality, and controlling cloned hybrids remotely through a virtual simulator, but the story line just wasn't interesting enough.

Saturday, January 2, 10:45:17 PM

The best,shame on humans.

Saturday, January 2, 09:35:46 PM

Whats the point of having great visuals and great audio if theres no GREAT story to go along with it. The story itself is very predictable and doesn't leave much to the mind to think much. The visuals captivated me, and i was more attacted to that once you already knew how the story was going to unfold and what really the characters had to do and were going to do. The audio was so smooth that it helped me fall asleep though after the boring storyline and the visuals were more or less the same (as the whole movie took part in the same area). Worth seeing it again to take an afternoon nap!

Saturday, January 2, 04:53:03 PM

Great movie. We are going tonight to see it again. I loved the story, special effects -the forest was magnificent.

Saturday, January 2, 10:30:01 AM


Saturday, January 2, 09:42:24 AM

I feel sorry for people who did not enjoy this movie. They must have a serious lack of imagination. Yes, the dialogue was a bit lame at times, but the look of the movie was stunning with a good story that people (imaginative people) should be able to relate to. It's sort of Lord of the Rings, meets Star Wars meets Pocahontas. Anyway, don't take my word for it, go see for yourselfs. It's entertaining from start to finish!

Saturday, January 2, 02:02:05 AM

avatar...what it's about is easy to understand yet the story is not what drives the movie forward, it's the visual effects that easily take over. Being a film school grad taught me to tell a good story through pictures. The 3D is disorienting to say the least.

Friday, January 1, 08:56:14 PM

awesome, the graphics and special effects are definetely the way of the future for movie making

Friday, January 1, 08:24:33 PM

I have not been able to watch a movie twice in a very long time. Not since free entry to "Stand by me" for grade8 socials class. I saw this twice. It was absolutely captivating. My wife preferred 2D, I preferred 3D.

Friday, January 1, 06:09:41 PM

This was an amazing movie. Same plot line as Pocahontas, or Dances with Wolves but with aliens. The special effects were outstanding.

Friday, January 1, 05:54:50 PM

Went and saw this movie 3 times so far and would still go see it again by far the best movie i have seen in my WHOLE LIFE

Friday, January 1, 04:16:43 PM

This is such a great movie, this in one movie I recommend everyone see

Friday, January 1, 04:13:30 PM

a must see

Friday, January 1, 02:53:21 PM

Amazing visuals and plot, best movie in 2009! A must see film in 3D!

Friday, January 1, 10:10:36 AM

Absolutely fantastic!!

Friday, January 1, 05:51:42 AM

I wish Cameron would let other people write his movies. 3/5

Thursday, December 31, 10:43:55 PM

The ultimate sci-fi love story; beautifully and breath-takeningly told. Then add to this two things; 1.)lots or action and 2.) not a boring moments in the 2 1/2+ hours...resulting in the movie of the year.