Friday, March 8, 06:07:09 PM

and raising up women without putting men down - wish men could do that

Thursday, March 7, 04:32:04 PM

Love Barbie.

Thursday, March 7, 04:29:26 PM

So good.

Thursday, March 7, 12:34:20 PM

I disliked all of the adult connotations and the fact that so many parents had their little girls dressed up to see a "Barbie" movie, only to see so many adult references, like "jack off" and whatever. My friend and I went to see it, since we both had Barbie dolls years ago. I felt like getting in front of the theater to stop the movie to tell all the moms with young children to get them out of the theater.

Thursday, March 7, 11:47:20 AM

Wonderful movie

Saturday, December 23, 05:58:32 PM

Barbie finally reached the big screen and with her extreme beauty and long legs she's an expanse of gorgeousity that glistens and gleams in the warm pink sunshine with a hot lemonade core. Margot Robbie scorches.

Friday, October 27, 11:28:05 AM

It displays men as stupid, this is just wrong.

Wednesday, October 11, 11:31:28 PM

They are bunch of toys "living" in Barbie Land ruled by Barbie's. Of course issues of patriarchy would be brought up and "horses". Great casting, hidden jokes. Barbie says she is no longer pretty - Helen Mirren "Note to producer - casting Margo Robbie - not pretty". Can't wait for "Hot Wheels" and/or "Major Matt Mason" movies.

Sunday, October 1, 07:49:57 PM

Omgggg so slay I love it slay

Thursday, September 28, 08:00:38 PM

An airhead movie. They inserted a lot of stuff about the sisterhood and the patriarchy to give it some substance, but it's still a stupid movie. I did like the dance party at Barbie's house. I should have left after that scene.

Wednesday, September 27, 12:29:49 PM

commercial for mattel its a commercial for Mattelll

Monday, September 25, 09:03:31 PM

A must in IMAX!

Sunday, September 24, 06:32:14 PM

The movie is not interesting for adult nor kids.I lost my interest to all type of barbies. The movie had a message but could not transfer the message in interesting way

Saturday, September 23, 10:38:48 AM

Too much propaganda and feminism.

Friday, September 22, 02:07:05 PM

Great. Too smart for the plebs.

Friday, September 22, 11:58:13 AM

i would make Barbie into a horror flick to make it better because it was not funny and stupid...all the old Barbies from the 60s want to take the place of the new Barbie but the old Barbies are made of plastic and the new Barbie is a real women. they chase her through the streets like zombie Barbies trying to possess her and become a real women. The army is called in because there are just too many of them and they are causing havoc. There are too many of them and the army is in a losing battle. they have to use nukes but they have to get permission from Oppenheimer who's in a retirement home with dementia. i don't want to spoil the ending. the end

Thursday, September 21, 02:59:02 PM

Different perspective of Barbie.

Tuesday, September 19, 09:10:02 PM

I loved it

Sunday, September 17, 07:38:46 PM

Cannot believe someone thought it was funny.

Sunday, September 17, 04:32:05 PM

Had high hopes…

Saturday, September 16, 10:08:29 AM

What a load of drivel! Can't believe this movie has made so much money at the box office. Absolutely the worst movie I have ever seen. I have lost all respect for Ryan Rowling.

Thursday, September 14, 06:49:05 PM

This movie has all the feels. Highs, lows and everything in between. The storyline is incredibly creative. So many one liners! It’s a CLASSIC! 5 Stars!

Thursday, September 14, 06:45:34 PM

Playful, colorful, creative, hilarious, emotionally connecting, and an under toned truth in many ways! SO many things happening here! Great acting by all the actresses & actors! Dancing was so fun! Thank you for making this film!

Thursday, September 14, 03:21:20 PM


Monday, September 11, 11:20:18 AM

Overall just silly.

Saturday, September 9, 11:51:46 PM

This could well become the highest-grossing movie ever (until Taylor's movie comes out, that is).

Saturday, September 9, 02:53:05 PM

I absolutely loved this movie y'all did a grate job keep it up

Saturday, September 9, 01:15:37 PM

Not at all what I expected. Writers and producers really did an amazing job bringing this to real life concepts and idealogies.

Saturday, September 9, 12:41:51 PM

I didn’t like the beginning when the so called old fashioned baby dolls were literally bashed against rocks. It’s as if babies are to be done away with. Yes, they’re dolls but it gives the impression that babies aren’t worth saving!!

Friday, September 8, 01:02:34 PM

All in all I enjoy Barbie. The transition from Barbie world to real world was childish. The story line was sexist against men. But I don’t care about that stuff. The acting was fun. The visual we’re outstanding.

Thursday, September 7, 06:42:39 PM

This movie addresses the sign of our times. Our childhood play leading into the realities of our present times. Well done.

Thursday, September 7, 02:56:54 PM

The only thing I enjoyed, was the hotdog, and popcorn I had during the movie. It was a boring movie, but the food kept me awake.

Thursday, September 7, 11:53:48 AM

Truth behind it was an eye opener. Acting was superb. Watched it 3 times

Thursday, September 7, 11:51:48 AM

Truth behind it Acting

Wednesday, September 6, 02:20:26 PM

It wasn't as political as they say. It did touch lightly on lots of ideas, in a playful way. The Barbie that "got played with too hard"!! Everyone had one of those, marker on her face, hair chopped off, permanently doing the splits! Hands down my favourite portrayal. If someone got offended by this movie, they are fragile and/or toxic. It is feel good and charming, and has something for everyone. Now, get on your roller skates and go!

Monday, September 4, 10:04:09 PM

Not a masterpiece. But very true. It is not a kid movie, it is not even PG13. This movie made for adult. this move is not about feminism, or male hating movie. In part of movie shows if opposite sex got power, it could act even worse. The movie can win at least 3 Oscar.

Sunday, September 3, 10:32:23 PM

A Masterpiece. So much more than I expected

Saturday, September 2, 02:58:33 PM

I gave this movie a chance the first half, after that I fell asleep, and I had a good night sleep and was rested.I would have not given it a star, but had to, In order to warn others not to waste their money.

Saturday, September 2, 02:54:24 PM

Any other movie would have been better.

Friday, September 1, 01:28:52 PM

I thought it was an overall fun movie. I thought it would be stupid but I was wrong.