Wednesday, August 9, 11:25:17 AM

One of the most overhyped movies I have ever seen. Extremely disappointed I wasted my time and money on this garbage.

Wednesday, August 9, 06:57:03 AM

More of a movie for adults than kids. Very witty. Well done.

Wednesday, August 9, 06:54:40 AM

Funny in parts but overall....very boring. Trying to figure out what the hype is all about.

Wednesday, August 9, 12:34:24 AM

Please give my two hours back

Wednesday, August 9, 12:00:59 AM

1hr and 58 minutes..... WASTED!

Tuesday, August 8, 10:16:03 PM

Do all movies nowadays have to push the perverted woke agenda. Especially for children. Sad and disgusting. Shame on Hollywood.

Monday, August 7, 11:34:38 AM

The opening scene is a reference to Space Odyssey 2001 whereby the ape uses a large bone to smash smaller bones, thus the creation of the tool, something that expanded the species ability to thrive. The little girls are smashing their baby dolls because before the Barbie doll, they could only play at being mothers. Adult Barbie opened up their world to play at being anything! Thus, the expansion of little girls’ dreams about being more than mothers or caregivers. Barbie came out in the late 1950s, this was a different time for women. And the message at the end also touched on every mother projecting her daughter forward to strive for even more in the next generation. Women and mothers should be celebrated, I felt the montage at the end really touched on that. What a great message!

Sunday, August 6, 01:51:36 PM

The previews with little girls smashing baby dolls when they see grown up Barbie were intriguing. I didn't expect to see a grown up movie but it was pleasantly surprising. There's a point to it about balance in relationships. Not bad. I loved the toy props and Kate McKinnon's weird Barbie. Ryan Gosling is talented but I guess his Ken was supposed to be annoying. He excelled. Actually he reminded me of my old boyfriend. I wouldn't give that any awards out of principle.

Saturday, August 5, 11:06:24 PM

if you didnt like the movie. sucks for you because it was amazing. and if you think the real world isnt like this you need a quick reality check on life. im excited to watch this movie 20 more times. also shouldnt be seeing lots of complaints about it not being for your kids. watch the trailer. do ur research parents before pulling up to a movie where you might see some "wrong messages" or what youd like to call it. the movie was amazing. barbie can be anything she damn well pleases. and thats how she was shown throughout these years. the movie portrays her perfectly.

Saturday, August 5, 09:42:54 PM

Great story and message in movie, really enjoyed it

Saturday, August 5, 08:43:59 PM

Had to review to provide a balanced perspective here as it seems like most reviews are really political. Took my 12 year old daughter. Movie opens with shot of little girls smashing baby dolls like they are smashing the patriarchy. So that gives you an idea of where it is going. Movie had lovely visuals and had a few laughs. Really enjoyed "weird barbie". Liked that it highlights how difficult it can be for women to meet all the expectations for a woman. But the idea that the real world is ruled by men is not an accurate portrayal of today's world and felt like the wrong message. I also didn't enjoy how the battle of the sexes was "resolved". My daughter enjoyed the movie but felt that it should have had a more equitable solution at the end. She came up with this on her own accord so I was happy to see she could watch it with a critical eye.

Saturday, August 5, 01:40:32 PM

They build something up by tearing something else down. This isn't downtown New York, people can improve without degrading others. Shameful

Friday, August 4, 08:24:40 PM

Loved this movie from start to finish. It is colorful! The superb cast delivers all the surprising and inspiring themes so skillfully. Enjoyable characters take you on a journey from vintage past to a future filled with promise. I'd see it again!

Friday, August 4, 05:36:49 PM

I didn't even get up to go to the restroom because I was afraid I would miss the best part. I still am wondering where it was. So disappointed .T

Friday, August 4, 05:29:41 PM

No plot. If you like cardboard props and plastic play houses , go see it. A high school drama class could put this on way cheaper.

Friday, August 4, 01:11:57 PM

Big time Barbie fan. When I say big time, I mean I had all the Barbie stuff as a child. This movie was gorgeous to watch. The humor landed well with me personally. I think if you don't go into this movie with a critical view and take it for the fun ride that it is, you will love it. Does it have some commentary on the roles of gender in our society? Yes. If you're confident in yourself and in your role in society, I don't see you having a problem with this movie. Go see it. It's incredibly fun.

Thursday, August 3, 10:02:48 PM

Quit funny. Usual feminist b.s. abour how hard women have it and so on.

Thursday, August 3, 09:31:51 PM


Thursday, August 3, 06:03:21 PM

It’s saying inappropriate thing and should allow kids to watch it.

Thursday, August 3, 05:01:13 PM

Ryan Gossling stole the show. Everyone was great but he was born to play KEN

Thursday, August 3, 04:35:00 PM

This is just such a fun, funny, clever movie. And it's beautiful to look at as well.

Thursday, August 3, 08:31:48 AM

Honestly a really funny movie. I wouldn’t take anybody younger than 12 though. If you’re not a whiney conservative the movie is just for you! I find it sad that people who haven't even seen the movie are coming here to give this movie a bad rating and continue to spit political venom all because they have different political beliefs. Very pathetic.

Wednesday, August 2, 09:32:44 PM

Hilarious interesting how they switch genders in the movie fresh chauvinistic like puns very entertaining movie great for teens and adults

Wednesday, August 2, 03:21:41 AM

Why don't you "1 starrers" just shoot yourself & put yourselves out of your misery. A light, not so serious movie with a message(s). Nothing offensive, nothing demeaning, nothing to have oneself "get up in arms" about. Fun, silly & poignant moments. Enjoyed the movie & the laughter around me.rh

Tuesday, August 1, 07:55:21 PM

Made me laugh and had some good messages.

Tuesday, August 1, 05:53:04 PM

the people who need to understand it most probably won't understand it

Tuesday, August 1, 02:58:21 PM

This movie has it all! Great, colorful aesthetics, adult humor, and underlying message. Margot Robbie was awesome, and Ryan Gosling a delight! Both deserve Oscar’s! Will Farrell was a pleasant surprise addition to the cast!

Tuesday, August 1, 01:00:02 PM

I loved that the plot was a complete surprise. I was ignorantly expecting a mindless movie about beauty but instead I saw a movie where Barbie evolved emotionally and professionally over time and realized that she has substance and options. I loved that Ken had a reality check too! It's about time. The actors were funny and good. For the haters/closed minded, grow up! There's more to life than celebrating man's endless wars and destruction!

Tuesday, August 1, 11:10:54 AM

Woke agenda.

Monday, July 31, 08:06:55 PM

I saw a lot about this being apparently "man-hating" but now that I've seen it I can honestly say they completely missed the point. It's relatable and self-aware of it's commentary. I especially loved seeing everyone have fun with dressing up in pink to see it.

Monday, July 31, 06:38:24 PM

It was fun, made me laugh, emotional, and just a great movie!! Margot Robbie was stellar and Ryan Gozling was amazing!

Monday, July 31, 06:03:34 PM

It ducks indeed. fell asleep. I was surprised that it made more money in the opening night than a well rated movie “Oppenheim” or Mission Impossible Dead Reckoning ( Part 1). Now I understood why Barbie is ban in China. USA entertainment industries ( movies, TV’s ) including type of viewers have deteriorated. Young generation has lost their artistic skills. They do not know the difference between good movie vs junk movies. Look at the Tv programs we have. New generation is running out of talented artist, actors, actress, director , singers, bands , choreographers,etc. Our viewers perceptions and the type of people that are born in USA migrated legally or illegally have worsen . We loss class in our society. Even our Evening Tv programs , comedy shows , Tv host have no class .

Monday, July 31, 02:55:15 PM

It sucked. Full stop. Lazy writing. A movie for dumb people who think they're smart.

Monday, July 31, 01:31:18 PM

Love everything but particularly Gosling acting.

Monday, July 31, 09:46:10 AM

Wife saw it with our 22 yr old son. They laughed their arses off. The 1 star “it’s propaganda” morons are the same ones who probably protested vaccines. Get a life and stop watching Fox you idiots. It’s a fun movie with a good message about being nice to people. Something those right wing putzes wouldn’t be able to grasp if you gave them gloves with claws. I look forward to seeing it now. Wife said she’d happily see it again. Best movie she’s seen all year. And she wasn’t aware of all the right wing moronic hate about it beforehand either. Closed minded idiots.

Sunday, July 30, 10:52:49 PM

Overhyped garbage. The best parts were already revealed in the trailers.

Sunday, July 30, 10:46:28 PM

Liked how movie made everyone believe they are special just the way they are

Sunday, July 30, 05:25:27 PM

The dum dums who scream about this being a woke film would not be a good hang or someone you want to have a drink with. Funny, sassy, great example for girls and women and anyone who likes a smart movie that’s well acted, written, and directed. Highlybrecommended

Sunday, July 30, 05:21:04 PM

Well worth the time invested. Anyone who thinks this is “anti men” is someone with a weird complex and self image issues. Not a kids film, really for adults or kids who are mature enough to get the underlying message…girls rule, and I recommend it.

Sunday, July 30, 05:13:20 PM

Funny, timely, a great cast and really well written and directed. Bravo. The people who have made this a culture war issue obviously don’t get it, nor are they likely to get anything with allegory or parables…this isn’t really a kids film per se, unless your kid is mature for their age.