Thursday, December 26, 02:33:33 PM

Loved the music and dance routines

Thursday, December 26, 10:31:38 AM

I really like the confidence

Thursday, December 26, 09:46:11 AM

Si vous aimz la danse et le chant, allez-y et laissez faire les opinions de grincheux! Les chorégraphies sont impressionnates et 4 numéros ressortent du lot. Vraiment, ne boudez pas votre plaisir, une film à voir.

Wednesday, December 25, 10:30:04 PM

Seeing it again Boxing Day! Who knows? Maybe I'll see you there!

Wednesday, December 25, 10:26:51 PM

Boring all I could think about was how I wasted my money

Wednesday, December 25, 08:56:15 PM

A visual feast with breathtaking action and unforgettable production numbers. An ahead of its time classic! 5/5

Wednesday, December 25, 07:51:36 PM

Fun musical with great songs and dance. Francesca Heyward was delightful and Judy Dench terrific. New song "Beautiful Ghosts" should be an award-winner.

Wednesday, December 25, 06:42:08 PM

Not that good

Wednesday, December 25, 05:46:43 PM

Piece of crap

Wednesday, December 25, 03:32:22 PM

Great dance sequences and songs. Technology was also very good. Have seen the stage production which I found boring,. This was very entertaining. Critics don't speak for the people only for what they are paid to say. You have to see for yourself, a very enjoyable movie. No more weirder than Men In Black double headed man or creatures in Star Wars Bar scene or the Alien.

Wednesday, December 25, 03:29:45 PM

The hippest, happiest surprise of the season!

Tuesday, December 24, 11:19:32 PM

Even better when you see the new effects!

Tuesday, December 24, 06:22:31 PM

If you've seen the musical Cats you will appreciate this movie, if you haven't you won't get it. It was very good. A few phony parts, but well done.

Tuesday, December 24, 12:42:08 PM

Great dance and musical numbers but couldnt understand why they wanted to go into the sun. I enjoyed it though. Great talent show

Tuesday, December 24, 12:12:12 PM

Weird...many of the low star ratings are from people who have not seen the original stage can you rate without having no clue of the T.S. Eliot book origins? Looking forward to the improved edits release.

Tuesday, December 24, 08:48:09 AM

Is Taylor Swift even in this movie? Hopefully we'll get an extended blu-ray with all her scenes restored...

Monday, December 23, 08:31:22 PM

Weird...many of the 5 star ratings are from people who have only seen the can you rate without having dozed or catnapped through it?

Monday, December 23, 08:05:58 PM

Possibly the worst movie ever made. Nothing else can be said.

Monday, December 23, 05:54:30 PM

Soooo....if you like campy movies and enter the theatre high on something you might be able to sit through it...maybe.

Monday, December 23, 10:54:51 AM

A motion picture event you must not miss!

Monday, December 23, 09:04:06 AM

What did I just subject myself to? I pulled out my phone 30 minutes in and googled "How long is cats?" to know how much torture was left to endure.

Monday, December 23, 08:37:32 AM

we walked out halfway through. nothing made sense about this movie and it was just all around horrible

Monday, December 23, 05:40:57 AM

I'd rather go to a 'cat spay-a-thon' than sit through this again. Slyvester, Scratchy, and Morris the cats are spinning in their graves. You'd think a movie with Rebel Wilson and James Corden would be about whales, not cats. Miss this one. It's a dog.

Monday, December 23, 02:50:39 AM

The happiest, sexiest show of the Season! Taylor Swift is a Streisand for the modern age.

Sunday, December 22, 10:26:49 PM

Digital fur? Eww. It's 2019. They should be hairless cats.

Sunday, December 22, 05:41:55 PM

This is a true Broadway show put into a movie form. Some magical moments, the best of the show was Jennifer Hudson singing & acting was very good with emotions to reach audiences. Costumes and staging was brilliant.

Sunday, December 22, 03:35:15 PM

music was good but one Musical song that talked about the Gumbie Cat I wasn't very Crazy about that part and found it a bit gross. That part could have been better I found that not Apropeate The rest of movie turned out fine. The one lady singing a well known song was quit good. I did like most of the Sets used in that. just could have done better for the Gumbie Cat part.

Sunday, December 22, 02:14:19 PM

Light for the mind and somewhat entertaining. I brought my 6 year old and she enjoyed so it made a nice mommy and me date. The musical numbers are good but I felt the rest of the acts were dragged out. I will admit I’m spoiled from seeing the show on the stage and there is no comparison for live theater vs movie.

Saturday, December 21, 09:59:59 PM

Grotesque and uncanny, often downright creepy. The music was mostly mediocre. Taylor Swift was the best element here. Her appearance reminds us why she's a superstar. James Corden's turn however, is yet another unfortunate reminder of how mystifying and inexplicable his career is. He's like a 9-volt battery on the tongue. A lame movie all around. These CATS should be put down.

Saturday, December 21, 09:47:07 PM

Ugh, I think I'm gonna cough up a will like it or hate it.

Saturday, December 21, 07:23:16 PM

Absolutely delightful!

Saturday, December 21, 02:57:09 PM

the movie was excellent. However -the theater lobby was very wet. I fell and hurt my back. The floor should be kept mopped dry, I was very disappointed as was my granddaughter, Not a fun experience. Friday 730 pm at Kent Ramsay street.

Saturday, December 21, 02:13:36 PM

The best movie of the year. 10/10

Friday, December 20, 05:01:24 PM

Short sighted reviews by people who haven't even seen the movie. My wife and I saw this today and it was terrific, was actually easier to understand story line than seeing it live as we did 5 times when our daughter performed in it. Yes we did like a few characters better live like Rum Tum Tugger and McCavity but that's because we're not picking. Not sure why they pushed Taylor Swift as a headliner, not even close.

Friday, December 20, 04:22:22 PM

It would be awsome horror with perfectly nailed uncanny valley effect. If it was meant to be a horror.

Friday, December 20, 03:35:35 PM

What the heck did I just see. I love the Broadway show of Cats, but this is CRAP!!! A total waste of star power. Its a mess from start to finish. I did like Jennifer Hudson singing 'Memory' near the end though. Other then that don't waste your money on it, the critics got this review right for once.

Friday, December 20, 12:50:42 AM

The horror! Don't let your cat watch Cats alone!

Wednesday, December 18, 07:55:59 PM

Why release a horror movie at Christmas???

Wednesday, December 18, 06:07:48 PM

Funny that this film has already received 70 votes, 26 "reviews" and currently has a four star rating despite the fact that it hasn't even been released yet! Well here's a one star rating to even things out, suckas! This does look bad though, like a kids tv show that inadvertently becomes terrifying. Corden is an annoying imbecile, and I suspect Swift to be a psychopath. The immense budget on this seems impossible, making the possibility of profit even less possible. This looks to be a huge bomb already.

Wednesday, December 18, 10:38:18 AM

Just when you thought Taylor Swift couldn't be scarier...