• Release date: March 10, 2017
  • Genre: Action/Adventure, Sci-Fi/Fantasy
  • Running Time: 2h 0m
  • Rating: PG
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Saturday, April 22, 04:30:37 PM

Loved it best 1

Tuesday, April 18, 09:20:46 AM

"Ride as a leader of men."

Saturday, April 15, 05:53:13 PM


Wednesday, April 12, 08:38:19 PM

one star cause I could not enjoy with screaming kids...PARENTS...Please do not take your 4 year olds to this type of movie,you ruin it for other people trying to watch

Wednesday, April 12, 07:40:08 PM

Best kong movie ever!

Saturday, April 8, 08:33:04 PM

At least King Kong Lives had heart.

Friday, April 7, 11:04:42 AM

Great movie, with the worlds worst helicopter pilots. Keep a substantial distance from the giant ape.....lol

Friday, April 7, 12:36:06 AM

A lot of action but it would have been nice if the movie could have figured out " what"it was trying to be.war,horror,action,pick one and stay with it.

Wednesday, April 5, 03:22:29 PM

It is a terrific time waster...poor acting,draged out scenes but predictable and fun,kinda like a bad godzilla

Tuesday, April 4, 12:28:32 AM

Fell asleep, which I could have done at home. Definitely not worth what I paid to see it in IMAX.

Monday, April 3, 07:58:43 PM

Very graphic ...good movie...WHY do theaters let 4 year old kids into these restricted movies ,a father had to take his screaming kid who was terrified out

Monday, April 3, 01:30:20 PM

My son and I gave it a nine. Great action. Good story line, and a few poignant moments

Monday, April 3, 11:32:14 AM

Best Kong movie ever/ Monster Movie

Sunday, April 2, 10:29:36 PM

Excellent movie.....really enjoyed it.

Friday, March 31, 02:28:41 PM


Friday, March 31, 02:24:37 PM

awesomeist movie 2017 CANT WAIT 4 GODZILLA 2 KING OF MONSTERS

Friday, March 31, 10:05:09 AM

Wildly entertaining, and never one moment of boredom. Great action movie, enjoyable. Great plot.

Thursday, March 30, 02:59:57 AM

Worst Kong movie since King Kong Vs. Godzilla.

Wednesday, March 29, 01:47:58 PM

best kong movie I had ever seen Samuel L. Jackson is all the LIT.

Wednesday, March 29, 12:50:39 PM

Best Kong Ever

Wednesday, March 29, 07:30:47 AM

It's this year's Groundhog Day.

Tuesday, March 28, 11:11:12 PM

À vrai dire, ce film était même pas dans ma liste à voir et le timing a fait que je n'avait rien de mieux à voir. Je m'attendais plutôt de voir un Kong traditionnel ou quelque chose à la Godzilla. On se retrouve plutôt dans une ile inconnue un peu comme le monde perdu de Jurassique ou Kong est finalement qu'une seule des nombreuses créatures y vivant. Ma belle surprise cette année jusqu'à maintenant !!

Monday, March 27, 11:27:20 PM

All this just to set up a remake of the awful King Kong Vs. Godzilla?! Good grief!

Monday, March 27, 10:54:22 PM

It was better than the average Kong movie, but considering that it's 2017, they could have done much more.

Sunday, March 26, 09:36:58 PM

After 20 years of fighting, soldiers are sad to go home. Hey let's drop some bombs on innocent creatures on a remote island. To be honest I walked out when the soldier saw Kong and said kill that thing. Typical american attitude, if you don't have the patience to understand it, just kill it. The movie should be renamed Kong vrs the US army. The last Kong was such a beautiful love story.

Sunday, March 26, 03:52:38 PM

Good movie. When the blood n decapitation was too much atleast I had the main character to drool over. Yum!

Sunday, March 26, 08:35:59 AM

Good movie! Make sure to stay for extra scene after credits!

Saturday, March 25, 08:14:56 PM

It was a great movie...Enjoyed it from start to finish!!

Friday, March 24, 05:42:34 PM

Better than I thought it would be. I had fun watching it.

Friday, March 24, 03:28:10 PM

Loved it

Thursday, March 23, 06:34:58 PM

Ok actioner but completely bereft of the tragic pathos so necessary to Kong's story. Certainly not a patch on the '33, '76, and 2005 classics. 2.5 stars out of 4

Thursday, March 23, 04:51:02 PM

Good action movie with great special effects - don't overthink this one - just sit back, eat your popcorn, and enjoy

Wednesday, March 22, 11:22:41 AM

Ok action movie in places. Maybe the helicopters should have stayed further away from Kong. Loved the makeup on the islanders. Pay attention to the back-ground of the credit list (which is long) there are some tidbits at the very end. Afternoon at the movies, gotta love them.

Wednesday, March 22, 12:18:13 AM

boring....slow....painfully long fight scenes. Pass this one up.

Tuesday, March 21, 09:40:18 AM

This was a nice up to date revamping of the Kong story, whereas Peter Jackson's was a redone on the original Kong story line! So why would you want another original story line version that wouldn't make any sense as Peter Jackson's was well done! This story line was very interesting & Kong was a lot larger - Acting & CGI monsters were also very believable! Over all a very well done film!

Monday, March 20, 12:29:57 AM

Kong meets Platoon. Fade in '60s choppers and hippie rock 'n roll. Eventually big ape meets beauty, completing the symbolic beauty and the beast analogy. Monsters get hungry for humans too. Humans fight monsters - Kong fights monsters too. Fade in more '60s rock 'n roll. Greedy entrepreneurs get eaten by digital part-lizard monsters. Kong kills pixelated monsters by the score and eats one which has long giant octopus tentacles. Kong has no large testicles (none whatsoever) but he likes tiny little white-women photographers shooting Kodachrome film anyway - no reason given. More '60s nostalgia music. Early in the movie, soldiers stupidly fly into Kong's swinging ten-ton fists and are decimated. Bad training? No, the producers are rewriting the history of the war in Vietnam. Says the general, "We didn't lose the war, we abandoned it!" Perfectly explains how they could inexplicably misjudge Kong, at ten stories tall, 20 tons of steel and granite, they oddly blindly fly directly into his gigantic thrashing arms. Go figure! Kong in the end is victorious and beats his mighty barrel chest to show the tiny puny little white Englishman he's still King and also show the tiny little white American woman that she is still "his" - testicular braggadocio by any other description. Yea, this could all just be a metaphor for Drumpf and Kellyanne "bimbo" Conway. The alpha male reigning supreme, white ape supremacy maybe, or so it would seem. End. Roll credits.??

Saturday, March 18, 11:04:20 PM

This was an action flick and although the plot was rather thin, who cares? Actually S. Jackson's character may have been based on Donald Trump....Kong seemed realistic, especially his facial features. The soundtrack was off the chain.

Saturday, March 18, 12:13:27 PM

I actually loved this movie, it was very good, the acting was well done and they acually made kong look very realistic, John goodman was excellent in this movie and Samuel L Jackson did a wonderful job as a villain/ mad man. Overall a good must see movie.

Saturday, March 18, 09:08:39 AM

They got Kong's story completely wrong; do some research, people!!!

Saturday, March 18, 06:29:20 AM

The sleeper must awaken.