Saturday, December 23, 12:38:31 AM

I love you light saber Great story Awesome movie

Saturday, December 23, 12:35:45 AM

Real star war fans do not give this more than 1 star

Friday, December 22, 11:03:15 PM

We had a good time watching this movie. Just a fun time to have with my family.

Friday, December 22, 08:24:45 PM

I enjoyed it very much and my son enjoyed it too. If you're looking for good popcorn fun this is the one for you. Just a good time at the movies.

Friday, December 22, 07:06:17 PM

Excellent story. Drama and funny scenes.

Friday, December 22, 07:04:22 PM

I liked the movie. Down with Disney group should just gave and stop complaining of female characters and blanks. We need to going back to the older days when people watched movies without too much bs.

Friday, December 22, 07:01:24 PM

The force was strong with her and Luke. Luke had a great entrance in the movie. Suspense in the begining of the movie. He was funny too.

Friday, December 22, 06:59:25 PM

I feel complete after watching this movie because Luke Skywalker came back.

Friday, December 22, 06:57:46 PM

I don’t think this was an awful movie. I loved thw story and how they portrayed Luke Skywalker.

Friday, December 22, 06:54:50 PM

This movie was amazing and they should not keep complaining of too much women in the movie. They should look from point of view of a new begining. New stories. One think I will point out is not to have the same director. Is all.

Friday, December 22, 06:51:51 PM

The change of the movie was hard for many. Disney should stay with JJ and not keep using new directors. The movie was good but not excellent.

Friday, December 22, 06:26:34 PM

I grew up with the original films. I did not see Episodes II and III. I found the performances in this film to be reminicent of what made the series so much fun in the first place. Humor has always been a part of the Star Wars series, and what was on display here was perfectly keeping in line with the original series. As for those complaining about not enough men in the cast....cry me a river. Carrie Fisher was the ONLY female main cast member in Episode IV. 40 years have passed and we are more enlightened now. Get over it.

Friday, December 22, 05:52:47 PM

First of all I'm a 40 year old man. So understand I grew up with the originals and I think this is one of the best star wars movies yet. People complaining about too many women characters need to go back in time to the 50s. It was refreshing. This movie takes star wars to new ground which the franchise needed. It feels organic like The Force Awakens but doesn't feel like it's repeating the same story. Many people are complaining about the direction Luke's character is taken in. I thought it was fine. Given the trauma he's suffered it was completely understandable. It also made for a nice twist at the end. The Last Jedi gave me everything I could want from a star wars film.

Friday, December 22, 05:22:40 PM

Awfully made movie and actors. Don't waist you money

Friday, December 22, 03:07:50 PM

They have more females in the movie. That was a new thing for this movie. Nothing against women but we need more men in the movie.

Friday, December 22, 03:06:25 PM

Glad this movie came out.

Friday, December 22, 03:05:11 PM

The movie have many good parts. Popcorn is on now with reviews.

Friday, December 22, 03:03:42 PM

Lol. Nothing wrong with this movie.

Friday, December 22, 01:19:10 PM

Ugh, as a fan of the star wars franchise and especially the originals, I was quite disappointed in this movie. Lukes character was just destroyed. The humor in this movie was just out of place. All the questions like, who are Reys parents, who is smoke, are not really answered. It was just awful. Although I don't like the story, the one battle with Rey and Kylo was worth the admission. But there was a lot of useless filler. This was frustrating to watch and I wish this movie never happened

Friday, December 22, 01:06:34 PM

An awful addition to the Star Wars library that makes me want to see Phantom Menace or even Revenge of the Sith. Luke Skywalker is given a horrible character profile that does not match the original in any way. The movie opens with spaceships trying to pretend to be WW2 bombers. The entire movie is based on a ludicrous chase between capital ships, when it has been established for decades that the smaller fighter ships are far faster and could easily catch the Rebel ships in seconds. Rey's lightsabre moves are sloppy and hacky. Watch Liam Neeson against Darth Maul again for some schoooooling. The most powerful Sith in history, Emperor Snoke, is defeated by a cheap Jedi parlour trick. Captain Phasma is chucked down a hole. AT-ATs, (which mysteriously survived having their carrier ship cut in TWO PIECES...) are thrown into a battle, just cause.... Finn flies INSIDE an active giant laser beam and survives. Laura Dern. Just.... Laura Dern....

Friday, December 22, 11:39:10 AM

I loved watching this movie with the bad parts and good parts. I am given credit to the director who did not have too much film experience trying to pull up this type of movie. Sadly the group Down with Disney is acting very aggressive damage some sites. I wish we could go back to watch movies without talking about politics or getting mad if a character is female. My five stars goes to this movie.

Friday, December 22, 11:27:22 AM

The movie was not the perfect and nostalgic as the typical SW movies but does not meant the group call Down with Disney keep trying to sabotage this movie. Mostly because Laura? I think is not fair for the rest of the actor to suffer the consequences of the bashing for one actor. The movie have some up and downs but still it was a good movie. Hacking was noy good. We will waiting for the sequel of this movie and able to have e more fun.

Friday, December 22, 11:18:57 AM

The battles were amazing but the battle on the ground was weird. No idea why one of the pilots was restless. He was more wiser in the previous movie. I think he was worry to no accomplish taking down the Empire. The red sand was interesting to see.

Friday, December 22, 11:16:24 AM

Carrie Fisher looked like an Angel when she was recuperating from the explotion. Her last movie. She was a sweet person.

Friday, December 22, 11:14:39 AM

I thought the planet was cold because the ice wolves but it was not cold. They crossed those tunnels to find another region but this one was cold. Very interesting concept.

Friday, December 22, 11:12:22 AM

Mark acting was great. He potrayed exactly the hermit man. Grumpy. Lol. He is a good actor and can asume any role given to him.

Friday, December 22, 07:32:49 AM

Since when did Star Wars the greatest franchise in history become a rom com? Will they won't They? Um what? What's next catch phrases like I'll have what she's having?

Friday, December 22, 07:27:27 AM

"It's time for the end." This film is bloated much like I'll be on Christmas day after my turkey meal. For at least an hour, nothing happens. Nothing. Will he? Won't she? Sure, some of the scenes are breathtaking and the early action sequences are tight, but the plot stalls and sputters until the two protagonists are brought before the real antagonist, then the film roars into action with a couple of great scenes and then they go to a casino and re-enact the bar scene from the very first star wars film. Come on! We get it. There are freaky aliens out there! Some of the final sequences are good, but the plot falls apart in the last half hour. I mean why did it take so long for Laura Dern to figure out what she had to do? Then there is the final sequence. Yikes! It is time for the Jedi to end. This could have been a good film but much like my turkey carcass, some of the bones and fat should have been tossed into the garage.

Friday, December 22, 06:17:11 AM

I enjoyed this movie.

Friday, December 22, 01:20:47 AM

Movie was good but they could remove from scenes from the movie. The casino was boring. No connection with anything. Still the scenes were fantastic.

Friday, December 22, 01:18:50 AM

I think will very cool if the add the Star Wars Rebels to the sequel. They are in the perfect planet.

Friday, December 22, 01:11:10 AM

Kylo can go back to light side. If he really likes her. I think he has a crush for her.

Friday, December 22, 01:10:08 AM

We watched this movie with the DBOX tech and I think was a fantastic experience. Mostly during the space fights.

Friday, December 22, 01:05:21 AM

We need another Sith who can teach Kylo how to fight. I am given 5 stars for the funny scenes.

Friday, December 22, 01:03:24 AM

We had fun watching this movie. Even in the silly scenes.

Friday, December 22, 01:02:43 AM

Amazing ending. Expecting a great beginning.

Friday, December 22, 12:37:45 AM

So old man Luke went crazy?

Thursday, December 21, 11:59:21 PM

If you're not a die hard Star wars follower , you will have a tough time figuring out whats going on . Plot seemed to jump all over the place . I watched in 3D and the imagery was pretty cool ,if not for that I would've rated this flick a 2 or 3 .

Thursday, December 21, 04:39:57 PM

A lot of fun. The third act was amazing starting with the throne scene.

Thursday, December 21, 02:01:28 PM

I loved this story. Is full of new ideas for the sequel of Star Wars.