Monday, March 19, 12:29:14 AM

When you look at the options for movies these days, it's amazing that not all the theaters have boarded up shop yet. Black Panther, then Wrinkle in time? Red Sparrow? How about we just take a winter vacation and stop showing movies when there is evidently no good ideas to be had save for the bastardization of existing stories?

Monday, March 19, 12:26:41 AM

Insipid crap that's only good for the addle minded, or the guy who posts 5 star reviews all day.

Monday, March 19, 12:25:23 AM

Boseman says Trump should either listen to him or resign. That's the mindset of this actor right there. No thanks. Myself? I only listen to smart people, he's not on that list.

Monday, March 19, 12:18:43 AM

Why does the lead actor have a British accent? Why does Wakanda pretend to be poor, and not share their wealth? Why portray Africa as a Black version of Trump's America? Why have pointless scenes that don't connect or develop the story? Why make a superhero movie all talk?

Monday, March 19, 12:16:31 AM

I wish this movie was at least half as good as the hype. But the reality is, no one is talking about it. No one is going to it several times, and no one is really watching this thing. Every buzz is fed from the media down to the plebs. I saw this, and wondered why? It's slow, boring, talk, talk talk, and even the casting leaves you wondering are there no better actors around? It's a one star through and through, and the ticket sales are largely driven by block buys for poor communities.

Sunday, March 18, 11:52:07 PM

My sister took me to see this movie when I went to visit her last month. Since I have been back, I have taken two of my friends to see it. They loved it. Each time, I saw some little detail I missed before. Great Marvel movie, will look forward to the sequel.

Sunday, March 18, 10:34:51 PM

Mediocre, not great, not horrible. Didn't live up to the hype.

Sunday, March 18, 10:18:57 PM

I reject the critics who say all the characters are one dimensional. I believe the Black Panther himself ha good character development and there were others also.

Sunday, March 18, 08:50:26 PM

So many one dimensional characters made this boring. Also to preachy. Waste of my time should have waited to download it.

Sunday, March 18, 08:45:17 PM

Kudos to Marvel, the actors and the director.

Sunday, March 18, 08:12:07 PM

Liked it, fx really good Kids all liked only wish i could have seen in imax

Sunday, March 18, 07:17:36 PM

Coogler does have good directing skills. The budget was enormous, plus the the CGI was pretty good. Casting was well chosen and the direction was super well done.

Sunday, March 18, 07:15:32 PM

This is our favorite Marvel alongside of Iron Man and The Avengers. Can't begin to understand single-star ratings...very strange indeed. I adored this movie... go see it. It's great!

Sunday, March 18, 05:51:03 PM

I see a lot of haters on this site. This movie is simply a work or ART. It is very well put together and the acting is incredible. It's worth every dime you spend for ticket. I LOVE THIS MOVIE!

Sunday, March 18, 05:44:56 PM

This is an awesome movie. i loved it. i have already seen it twice and will go see a third time. The acting is incredible. This is one of the best super hero movies ever. Can't wait for the sequel.

Sunday, March 18, 05:40:42 PM

Great movie. Good movie to enjoy with the family.

Sunday, March 18, 12:16:30 PM

Since this site allows multiple reviews by same person(s) the only thing that can be guaged is OCD level. Haha! Lighten up! Movie was decent. Not as action packed as some, but was a fun watch. Loved the cast. And, Black Panther's just plain cool. 😎

Sunday, March 18, 12:15:36 PM

A solid movie to be sure, but not nearly as good as the unbelievable hype it has been getting. Plot's not bad, but definitely has some big holes. Vibranium is used waaaaayyy too much as a plot device to explain everything...yet no explanation is ever given for how Wakanda was ever able to make use of it to begin with. I mean, at one point they were as primitive as everyone how did they mine such an unbreakable metal to begin with? Let alone smelt it? Villain is given far too much credit in reviews as well. He's certainly not bad, but again not nearly as interesting as the hype. He's just another "take over the world" guy, but has one cool scene that puts him slightly ahead of the otherwise zero-dimensional Marvel movie villains.

Sunday, March 18, 10:52:21 AM

Great Movie! Loved every minute of it..

Sunday, March 18, 10:45:37 AM

We liked this movie.

Sunday, March 18, 06:49:03 AM

Everything this was the best marvel movie I have seen

Sunday, March 18, 01:34:48 AM

fantastic movie action.

Saturday, March 17, 10:03:30 PM

It didn't have to be this way. they could of made it a good movie but they thought, hey, we know Black Panther better than the creators of the book did. It's a dud,

Saturday, March 17, 10:02:18 PM

What part of this fiasco was the worst? The stiff acting by the lead character/actor? The preposterous country of Wakanda? The two and half hour long talk fest? The bad directing by Coogler? Kilmonger? Klaue? There is so much to choose from. This will go down as the weakest of all the Marvel Movies. Worse than all the Fantastic Four debacles. Worse the Green Lantern thingy. Worse than Howard the Duck. There is no humor, transport plane size holes in the plot and too much talk talk talk. The casting was poor and I wouldn't doubt that Coogler will be back doing mini documentaries next month.

Saturday, March 17, 10:00:24 PM

A theater goer was asked, "where is the favorite part of this movie?" He pointed towards the exit. Then a five star troll pointed at the floor and said, "the free food."

Saturday, March 17, 09:59:25 PM

Seldom have I seen such a poor movie. And I hope to keep it that way. Avoid any sequels. In fact, keep your eyes closed when he appears in the next Avengers movie.

Saturday, March 17, 09:58:32 PM

If I can spare one person the agony of watching this, it will be worth it.

Saturday, March 17, 09:18:01 PM

A scintillating example of how to suck the life out of what should have been a great action movie like its predecessors.

Saturday, March 17, 06:36:19 PM

A great theater watch! Great casting, scenery and costumes. A cool introduction to Panther's hidden world! (And, his super fun techie sis!) Looking forward to the next one. 🐾😻🐾

Saturday, March 17, 06:12:10 PM

Too much hype for it as it didn't delivered!

Saturday, March 17, 06:11:44 PM

Best movie ever!

Saturday, March 17, 06:08:59 PM

I saw it twice. Best villain since Dark Knight.

Saturday, March 17, 05:22:43 PM

I thought this movie was the greatest of all time! Much needed for our youth.

Saturday, March 17, 04:36:28 PM

Absolutely love seeing a movie this big with majority of black actor sharing some authentic African heritage.

Saturday, March 17, 04:23:58 PM

Great casting. Some funny bits. Women warrior generals are always excellent. Cool hero-tech including awesome Panther suit(s). Overall, an entertaining "Good Guy" movie that looked great on the big screen.

Saturday, March 17, 04:00:35 PM

Stay home and watch the first Iron Man, again.

Saturday, March 17, 03:39:26 PM

Freaking amazing. :)

Saturday, March 17, 03:37:59 PM

Cool movie.

Saturday, March 17, 01:11:29 PM

Only Wrinkle in Time has worse reviews. What do they have in common? They both gutted the original story and replaced it with some weird dogma and forgot the underlying story that made the originals great.

Saturday, March 17, 01:06:44 PM

I read Black Panther in comic book form when I was growing up. The illustration by Jack Kirby and Stan Lee, made you believe there was another time and place where Wakanda existed. It was magical and yet not so bizarre as not to believe it. This rendering of an old story, makes Narnia look like Reality TV.