Friday, April 5, 10:55:52 AM

She should take acting lessons

Friday, April 5, 10:54:51 AM

Worst move ever

Friday, April 5, 10:54:26 AM


Friday, April 5, 09:39:15 AM

Best movie. Best cat role. The Oscar goes to the cat.

Friday, April 5, 02:40:31 AM

The best idea was the introduction of the cat who in the Comics contains a background story. The new concept of using a female super character was a clever idea. This movie is unique.

Friday, April 5, 02:28:27 AM

When she arrived to Earth. Lol Blockbuster? Very interesting concept. I can’t wait to see her in the next coming movie.

Friday, April 5, 02:13:31 AM

Funny and excellent story. The aliens planets was a very cool idea.

Thursday, April 4, 05:46:01 PM

Cat robbed the show. Lol Jackson was very sweet with the cat. I liked this movie.

Thursday, April 4, 12:22:59 PM

amazing woman kicking ass movie

Thursday, April 4, 02:11:37 AM

Good action movie. I liked when she could chose her outfit color. We liked the story.

Thursday, April 4, 02:09:41 AM

Excellent movie. :)

Wednesday, April 3, 09:54:17 AM

My son who does not like the Marvel universe likes this movie. We stayed to end to watch the coming movie.

Wednesday, April 3, 09:52:01 AM

The story was well done. Sadly the director who created the Marvel movies will not longer around. He was in one of the scenes. I think it was very sweet seeing him. This was not exactly a reboot. I loved it.

Wednesday, April 3, 08:01:51 AM

This movie is stupid. B-movie, poorly written with 70s era special effects and scenes stolen from 70s era movies. As the body double has more screen time than the main star, they should have given her the lines as well. It might have been an improvement. One of the worst movies I have ever seen.

Tuesday, April 2, 09:38:32 PM

I loved the story

Tuesday, April 2, 07:59:36 PM

I don’t think in this movie were trying to blame men. For crying allow this was a science fiction movie. Movies are made to entertaining no to create too much controversy. Excellent story.

Tuesday, April 2, 07:56:08 PM

Samuel Jackson did a wonderful job with his character. I liked the evil aliens trying to twist some of the plots during the movie. She was an excellent actress in this movie.

Tuesday, April 2, 02:39:17 PM

The cat was a male character so. Lol He was cute. Chill out people.

Tuesday, April 2, 02:38:03 PM

Interesting movie. I don’t care if the main character was a woman.

Tuesday, April 2, 01:12:39 PM

Where to begin? How about boring. No character arch. This was obviously rushed.

Tuesday, April 2, 11:18:00 AM

I was laughing, and Empathetic to the plights of this young hero simply because this outlined the struggle everyone faces growing up. To the people ignorant to the origins of CAPTAIN MARVEL the character has ALWAYS BEEN FEMALE. So brilliant that one can not even read a comic book, Samuel Jackson was fun in this. If you love the marvel series you have to love this.

Tuesday, April 2, 10:58:57 AM

Smart idea of using a cat that is not a real but who knows how purr. Lol They should include more animals in the movies. Now we know how he lost his eye. The female character was well done played.

Tuesday, April 2, 10:48:53 AM

fresh hero introduction for the avengers endgame

Tuesday, April 2, 09:52:48 AM

This movie was great. I don’t see why the big deal of having a super heroe woman.

Tuesday, April 2, 02:15:15 AM

I had a blast watching this movie.

Tuesday, April 2, 02:13:32 AM

Her acting was incredible. She will be in the next movie with the avenger. Very cool.

Tuesday, April 2, 02:11:15 AM

I loved how they did a small introduction to the man who worked with the Marvel characteres. He was in the movie. We will missing him.

Tuesday, April 2, 02:06:52 AM

Best Marvel movie. Well done.

Monday, April 1, 10:47:45 PM

I can’t wait to repeat this fantastic movie again,

Monday, April 1, 10:41:08 PM

Loved this movie. The cat robbed the show.

Monday, April 1, 07:55:17 PM

Great movie. Definitely deserves its $1 billion box office earnings. Sorry haters, but in the real world Captain Marvel is a hit movie. It really is. Google it if you don't believe me.

Monday, April 1, 07:20:32 PM

Loved Wonder Woman. Thought Black Widow was sensational. Liked Storm, Phoenix, Rogue and all the others, but this Brie character, is repulsive. Putting aside her horrendous racists interviews, she is a terrible actress, and the movie died because of her.

Monday, April 1, 07:11:49 PM

Good job all around. Loved the 90's music. Brie is a fox.

Monday, April 1, 06:54:26 PM

Most mundane super hero movie I ever saw. No where near as exciting and suspenseful as Superman, Wonder Woman,, Batman, Aquaman, and Black Panther movies. Now their movies are so good you don't want to leave for one minute to go to the restroom. Captain Marvel put us to sleep and we didn't care if we missed it all.

Monday, April 1, 02:11:59 PM

it is not about a female playing a super hero its the specific female who is playing the part and how the entire movie was made. Wonder Woman was great and the entire movie was made great. This woman in Captain Marvel playing a mans character and how badly the entire movie was made is what caused this movie to be a disaster

Monday, April 1, 12:58:34 PM

There has been female led movies and shows for decades upon decades. Aliens, Resident Evil, Underworld, Atomic Blond, Hunger games, Tomb Raider, The long kiss goodnight, hanna, Aeon Flux,Kill bill, Salt, Lucy, Terminator 2, Buffy the vampire slayer, which some were good and some werent. did those movies not ever happen before this one lol! its Never possible that a female led movie could just be you know" NOT GOOD"? my wife and I are disgusted with the man hater movement but we can honestly say "wonder woman" was good and wasn't so heavy on the political agenda (Disney debauchery). CM was boring and we were both falling asleep. some movies are just bad (worse when the political agenda is pushed) male or female.

Monday, April 1, 03:12:17 AM

No one said it was this bad. All the reviews sold it as a great movie and then we saw it. Now we know why some people call it lame stream media. I'll never trust another movie review after seeing how this one was manipulated.

Monday, April 1, 03:10:27 AM


Sunday, March 31, 08:25:24 PM

Wife and I liked this movie; a lot of reviews are negative because Captain Marvel is a woman. Those people need to go back and research to see that Captain Marvel was a woman long before political correctness came into the picture. There were a couple things that weren't quite plausible (black box recording past crash, why would anyone put their face right up to a known Flerkin?) Otherwise, we enjoyed the escape from reality as much as Carol enjoys being Captain Marvel.

Sunday, March 31, 07:18:59 PM

Not well written movie. Storyline shaky. Jackson and the cat were best part. Captain Marvel is not likeable like say Black Widow. No charisma. Just went through the motions to me. Was not bad, but definitely was not good either. I think Disney wanted to forward Avengers End Game fans to see this film and make some easy cash. If this wasn't tide to End Game iI firmly believe the gross sales would be at least 30%less. Could be wrong, but that is my honest opinion.