Friday, March 15, 02:24:20 PM

The only reason I went to see this sorry pathetic movie is because my child wanted to and my child fell asleep one hour into the movie! My child never falls asleep during any super hero movie so this should tell you not to waist your time or money especially with the recent news about at least 60000 negative reviews have been deleted about this movie which gives a false misleading positive rating of this movie. But even with the negatives being deleted ( keep an eye on your negative rating as it may vanish as well) and the same people giving positive ratings over and over just re-wording each wording, the ratings for this movie is still falling.

Friday, March 15, 12:14:19 PM

what a perfect tie in to End game

Friday, March 15, 12:13:27 PM

captain marvelous!

Friday, March 15, 12:13:17 PM

can't wait until the sequel

Friday, March 15, 12:13:08 PM

money well spent need more of it

Friday, March 15, 11:44:22 AM

Great storyline, fun tie-ins with other storylines, and superb acting.

Friday, March 15, 02:32:08 AM

Fantastic affects and story line. I’m excited to tie all of the MCU movies together.

Thursday, March 14, 11:56:24 PM

This was a truly awful waste of time and money, The acting was so bad and the plot boring and weak.

Thursday, March 14, 09:36:38 PM

I gave it a 3 because the FX were pretty good on the IMAX screen . Other than that this flick was'nt very good , IMO . I did like the song ,Celebrity skin by Courtney Loves band Hole playing at the credits... Now that was awesome!

Thursday, March 14, 06:23:06 PM

Good movie. And with more than half a billion dollars in box office earnings after only on week, a lot of people seem to agree. Whoever said "get woke, go broke" doesn't know that they're talking about.

Thursday, March 14, 03:46:32 PM

Couldn't fit my entire review - part 2. comments about white men. When I saw the early access critics talking good about the movie (which all early access critics do, whether a movie is good or not) and focusing on the cat, I thought that was a joke, but no, the interactions with Fury and the cat were the only parts of the movie I truly can say I enjoyed. So, acting was horrible, plot was cliched and seemed to ignore the rest of the MCU, etc. I can only give this movie, at best, 1.5/5, but since I have to round it I am choosing to round down to 2. I am not surprised by the rumors of other Marvel actors being disappointed in Brie and Captain Marvel, and my only hope is that there is enough time before Endgame to ensure that the movie is not ruined by this awful entry.

Thursday, March 14, 03:29:06 PM

Sad effort from the Marvel people. Disney and the committee efforts have really done a disservice to the franchise.

Thursday, March 14, 09:42:20 AM

great movie

Thursday, March 14, 09:41:40 AM

best marvel movie ever

Thursday, March 14, 09:41:17 AM

the end was disappointing really? i think the review is more. this movie is great

Thursday, March 14, 08:53:45 AM

If people continue to allow this kind of drivel to command the box office, there will be no relief in sight from movies like this. Terrible for the first hour and then some action sequences to wake you up for a lack-lustre conclusion. Brie Larson’s acting was flat and I really was rooting for her... even after her self-righteous grandstanding and ridiculous commentary. Do NOT go see this if you are a fan of the comic books, as you will be sorely disappointed.

Wednesday, March 13, 08:03:11 PM

The media really over hyped this poorly written and poorly acted film, even my daughter found it boring with tiring humor, just save your money...

Wednesday, March 13, 04:53:43 PM

Looks as if the movie was made in a rush. The action was cool. Brie Larson was awesome but the story line could have been much better. Brie Larson not to blame for the down fall of this movie rather marvel just running out of ideas or getting lazy...

Wednesday, March 13, 03:59:41 PM

This is a boring movie. The first half was a snooze fest. There was no chemistry between the characters and Brie Larson was two dimensional. The second half was action packed but by that time I was thinking I should have only paid for only half of the movie. Wait for it to go to cheap theaters and then pay the more deserving rate.

Wednesday, March 13, 03:58:53 PM

RT deleted 54,000 negative reviews from the subscriber published list. Not trolls, or fanboys, but people who like to review movies. They inflated this dog from a low 29% to a recent 50% while keeping the "critic" score at 81%. Movie reviews are bought and paid for, and you can see it in the fanboy comments below, and I'm sure, above as well. There used to be over 200 comments on this movie and they have been censored. Take that for it's worth. It's mediocre at best, tripe at worst. Personally, I thought it was badly cast, and tacky.

Wednesday, March 13, 02:50:24 PM

SOME ACTION GOOD but a terrible movie

Wednesday, March 13, 02:44:03 PM


Wednesday, March 13, 01:58:41 PM

Anyone that's looking for a female-lead superhero movie with phenomenal action sequences, no love-interest, and where the character isn't dressed sexily, this movie's for you!

Wednesday, March 13, 10:37:09 AM

My girlfriend wanted to see this for her birthday. We were both disappointed at the end.. I'm not sure if they wanted Captain marvel(Brie Larson) to be stoic and emotionless in her portrayal of Carol Danvers but it didn't work for me. The cenimatics were great at times and the movie had it's moments (if you can make it to the end). We both just felt let down as we were walking out of the theater, especially after the watching the gem of a film that was Alita battle angel.

Wednesday, March 13, 10:28:20 AM

It'S 2019 gOtTA MaKe FeMalE LeAdS

Wednesday, March 13, 10:10:47 AM

Mediocre at best. It is a typical Mary-Sue type superhero action movie, with a main character that is 1-dimensional, posses no clear motives, drives, ambitions, fear, allegiances, etc. In short, in point in the movie do you feel any connection with the main character. You expect in a hero movie, for the hero to be battling an inner demon, to be fighting an inner struggle that is mirrored in a battle with some super villain. Think back to any great superhero movie. There is a climactic journey to fight some big baddie that goes hand in hand with an inner struggle of the hero coming to grips with their shortcomings, weakness, faults, past, etc. Captain Marvel lack all of the above, just a character that hits stuff and people, sometimes in a visually exciting fashion. If i knew how bad it was, I would have given it a miss

Wednesday, March 13, 09:40:14 AM

There were a few corny lines, and the unnecessary joke here and there, but overall the movie was rather enjoyable. It isn't gonna be some masterpiece made by the gods, so don't expect that, but instead expect a fun, female lead movie with some good fight scenes. I do have to say tho, not Marvel's best movie :/

Tuesday, March 12, 10:16:15 PM

Special effects were good but story got old and relied on fight scenes to get by. Hollywoods new vehicle for showing the world the innocent migrant alien against the world.

Tuesday, March 12, 09:40:07 PM

I was actually disappointed with this movie. Right up there with Iron Man 3. It was cool hearing music from the 90's but i found it didn't really go with the scenes. Also, it was kinda weird they make Fury a little goofy and the way he lost his eye was really dumb. Her powers are kinda corny to me and the movie just seemed to lack that MCU quality.

Tuesday, March 12, 06:32:48 PM

The acting was great

Tuesday, March 12, 02:55:39 PM


Tuesday, March 12, 12:34:25 PM


Tuesday, March 12, 12:33:37 PM


Tuesday, March 12, 12:30:36 PM

greater than superman, batman, and wonder woman combined!

Tuesday, March 12, 12:29:39 PM

best super hero movie ever

Tuesday, March 12, 11:25:48 AM


Tuesday, March 12, 07:46:29 AM

Absolutely the worst most boring wannabe superhero movie I have ever seen. Nothing exciting about this movie at all. No where near comparable to Superman,Wonder Woman, and Batman movies that are so exciting that you don't want to leave your seat for a minute.

Tuesday, March 12, 07:11:17 AM

I love this movie so much I saw it 2 times already.

Tuesday, March 12, 03:02:30 AM

loved the banter and effects

Tuesday, March 12, 12:15:07 AM

7 out of 10 wanted to get that out of the way .....i forgot this part in my review when she had her full power at the end and fighting the ships it look sloppy and she didn't have a proper helmet as her glowing hair was showing look stupid.......check the images of Captain Marvel Premium Format™ Figure by Sideshow Collectibles.....of what IM talking about