Monday, January 29, 06:58:33 AM

Fails on every front. The rare few frames that are good cannot make up for the 2.5hr snorefest that not only meanders like a herd of cats, but gives the legacy of Stars Wars the finger so often that it feels deliberate. It is an affront to logic & good storytelling. I want my money back.

Monday, January 29, 06:57:29 AM

The last star wars movie I'll see in theaters. Awful male characters, they changed how the force works, Luke felt unfamiliar as a character, and it seemed like they wanted to duplicate the feel of Battlestar Galatica by having a small band of military running from a larger, inescapable force, while slowly running out of resources. First film I've left angry.

Monday, January 29, 06:56:27 AM

The only reasons I am even giving this movie any points are because Luke was there and for the visually arresting fight and battle scenes. This movie trolled fans from beginning to end. Fans go into a movie expecting a general direction. For example, you watch Return of the King (3rd LOTR movie) expecting Frodo to finish destroying the ring. The Last Jedi is like Frodo saying forget it, forget that we all agreed to form the fellowship, nothing matters, I'm going home, the end. They seemed so obsessed with subverting audience expectations. Instead of trying to exceed audience expectations to deliver an amazing movie, they instead chose to go the opposite direction of what fans want. I'm no marketing expert, but creating a product designed to piss off your customers seems like a bad idea. And then they go blaming the customers for being haters and idiots for not liking the crap they were trying to sell.

Monday, January 29, 06:53:50 AM

Shockingly bad. Best could be said is that the screenplay was written to promote the sell of cheap Disney after-market merchandise. The movie itself isn't even worth reviewing. It unceremoniously ends the franchise.

Monday, January 29, 06:52:53 AM

Rian Johnson is going to desecrate Star Wars and then go on to make his own trilogy. Well guess what? The joke is going to be on him when his new trilogy comes out and so few people show up that it absolutely bombs. Last Jedi can be summed up in one scene at the very beginning of the movie: Luke tosses the lightsaber over his back. There was so much in this movie that was blatantly irreverent. I feel sorry for the director who has to try and pick up the pieces with episode 9 because, unlike episode 7, I really don't see what could happen next, nor do I really have a desire to.

Monday, January 29, 06:51:56 AM

Yes, it's as bad as you've heard. Other reviewers have deconstructed the film and highlighted its many flaws so I won't retread the same ground. But perhaps I can add this: More than any of The Last Jedi's structural flaws - e.g., narrative and character dissonance - to me the most heartbreaking aspect of the film is its underlying cynicism, both in its worldview and its message. It tells us there is no such thing as good and evil (it's all just shades of grey) and that those who seek moral clarity are on the wrong side of history. It tells us that "hero worship" is wrong and should be avoided because our heroes (like Luke Skywalker and Han Solo before him) will inevitably fail and let us down. It tells us that the past needs to be 'killed' because it's useless, serving no purpose other than as a lesson of what not to do. It tells us that anyone can achieve greatness, not through hard work, effort and sacrifice but through rejecting one's culture, traditions, institutions, and heritage. It tells us that laying down one's life for another is wrong because that's tantamount to hate and killing who and what one loves. It tells us that we can learn absolutely nothing about our identity from our parents, even though our parents conceived, nurtured and brought us into the world. I can't think of a message more antithetical to "Star Wars" - the Star Wars George Lucas created all those years ago (post-Kennedy, post-Vietnam, post-Watergate) than that. And it just breaks my heart.

Monday, January 29, 06:50:44 AM

When you read all the different reviews for The Last Jedi they can be somewhat confusing. Easiest way to make sense of them and figure out how it really rates as a movie to to simply pay attention to the way that postive reviews are written. You will see a LOT of "Didn't make sense but LOVED it" and "There were tons of odd moments that made me cringe but GREAT film". Ask yourself why even all the positive reviews of 8,9 and even 10 tell you how awkward it was and how they are 'taking a new direction' with the series in this 'turning point' film. Those are the kindest possible terms for a movie that took a massive steaming dump on all the things we loved about Star Wars prior to this. Heroes? All of the things you thought you knew about the Lore and Characters will be completely washed away by the end of the film. Is Luke a brave hero who risked his life to save his father or a broken, selfish and cowardly vagrant? if you believe the former prepare to be disappointed and confused. To keep this spoiler free I will not be listing all of the times this film make me confused,angry and hurt. Read the reviews yourself and you'll see the truth.

Monday, January 29, 06:47:52 AM

Absolute mess. Cringy as.... Contagious marvel core plots destroying all good films. I don't need to laugh every 3 mins, I don't want to feel like everything is a joke.

Monday, January 29, 06:45:36 AM

Maybe it is the absolute lack of respect for the saga, the lore, the characters and the fans, maybe it is the lack of military strategy knowledge that leads to some of the dumbest plot decisions I've ever seen in my life. It might be the way Yoda goes bananas and burns all the Jedi books. The thing is, for me, this is the worst film I've seen in my life and killed SW for me. Seriously bad.

Monday, January 29, 06:43:19 AM

Gutted, this film was awful - no wonder Disney forced US cinemas to show it on their largest screens for a minimum of 4 weeks. From the opening 5 mins this film was a farce, at first I thought I was watching a sequel to spaceballs with the 'your mum' jokes and a certain scene which looked like a cross between Mary Poppins and superman but then the jokes come to an abrupt stop when you see what they do to Luke, totally betraying his character.

Monday, January 29, 06:26:42 AM

This is the worst and most awful Star Wars movie yet. The movie is terrible. It doesn't fit into any of the other movies. Logically the movie falls apart worse than any other Star Wars movie yet. Most of the movie centers around a rebel (I won't call it resistance, that was a stupid and unnecessary name change from The Force Awakens) group of transports that are running out of gas getting chased by the Empires most powerful fleet. Don't ask me why but apparently the imperial fleet has nothing that is faster than rebellion transports and their tie fighters seem to all be broken down at once. If you ever wanted to see Luke Skywalker milk an alien. Then this movie will cover that base. If you want to see General Leia surrounded by a bunch of women to make modern feminist happy this movie has you covered. If you want virtue signaling about how awful rich people are this movie has you covered. At one point Leia busts through a door by using the force. When this happens you will expect the spice girls to run into the room and yell GIRL POWER. You will also get to see Leia fly through space like Superman. Because that is exactly what every Star Wars fan has wanted for 30 years. What you won't get is an amazing lightsaber battle featuring Luke. You will get to see a bunch of AT-AT's fire at a projection of Luke, though. Because that is what we've all been waiting for since the Return of the Jedi. Did I mention this movie is awful? If you wanted an actual Star Wars movie that embraced the spirit of the original then do not see this movie. This is a Disney movie. For some reason, they felt the need to pepper every serious scene there is in the movie with awful humor. The movie opens with one X-Wing flying right up to the imperial fleet. For some reason instead of blowing up the X-Wing, the Admiral of the imperial fleet starts arguing with Poe. I actually thought I was watching a bad commercial. I could not believe this was the start of a Star Wars mo

Monday, January 29, 06:17:28 AM

Disney decided to create a corporate, streamlined product with no narrative substance. Best example of this fact comes from incoherent or non-existent character development in Kylo Ren, Tri, and most explicitly Finn. Trash.

Monday, January 29, 06:05:36 AM

2. Who are Rey’s parents? ‘These are not the parents we are looking for, move along.’ In a quick quip Kylo Ren invalidates all deeper interest, revealing that Rey’s parents were no-name deserters. So, no mystery to hold onto there. Unless… this is a clumsily written misdirection from a truth that would be deeper & the only logical possibility...In that this epic has no other Force lending fertile couples other than Leia & Han Solo, Rey IS Kylo Ren’s sister. For now, she is not. Her parents were nobodies. 3. We finally get to see Snoke in the flesh. He is very impressive with powers not shown before in SW-the ability to mind bridge other force users to his own ends. His origin, why he is so powerful, his aims & other abilities- never to be known. Before we could develop a better understanding or compelling fear of him, he allowed a carelessly placed lightsaber to be easily used to kill him. 4. I went in to the first showing, open to the joys of suspended disbelief, & with the Force of will to like this Star Wars movie irregardless of any incongruities & the occasional Jar Jar. The only problem was, by any measure of that far far away galaxy, this was not a Star Wars movie. It's just Mickey's Revenge on the Jedi.

Monday, January 29, 05:49:01 AM

This epic chase slogged us over an hour of nothingness. Suddenly we are transported to the 18th century suspense of a seagoing ship taking 3 days to driftingly overtake another. So let’s spare the further detail which will be suffered by those who still choose to see this film (code: bring a pillow & eye covers for act two). Yet we still have to get to the burning heart of the 4 mysteries we shared going into TLJ. 1. What about Luke Skywalker? 2. Who are Rey’s parents? 3. Who is Snoke? 4. Will The Last Jedi use TFA as a springboard to broaden the SW universe?....1. Luke Skywalker, the heart of the SW universe & all that we know him to be, is suddenly debased & expendable. The new Luke no longer believes in the Force. He is easily bested by a novice. To make matters worse, he betrays family-his nephew, Ben Solo, causing the storm to follow. This means that all his personal arc & the prophecy fulfillment (SW I-VI) of Luke bringing balance to the force, which he did with his father, is negated. Luke's most powerful trait, his belief in Good is also lost. SW VIII invalidates all of the greatest Star Wars' values & achievements by debasing the fundamentals of who Luke Skywalker is. Simply put, we should not have bothered to spend the previous 4 decades watching Star Wars & sharing the values in the Jedi allegories, lore & collections we all so treasure. It all means diddly now. Luke ends worse than he began.-And Yoda, evidently unimpressed that his teachings led Luke to save the galaxy years before, pops up for a few seconds to second the notion that it all has to burn. Luke’s three final accomplishments were to argue with a teenage girl as if he was still the same teenager we all met on long long ago on Tatooine, to lose belief in all that he earned through the Star Wars epics, & to die without just cause.

Monday, January 29, 05:13:45 AM

Why did they use a collection of impossibly slow bombers flying DIRECTLY AT a 'Dreadnought'? (No you can't simply blame Poe for the mission, Leia was his superior, she could've overridden him. And I'd say worst of all, they wrote Luke out of the film after a cowardly way of facing Kylo Ren, while not writing out Leia. This is THE worst Star Wars film yet made, the prequels were objectively better films than this monstrosity, and felt more like Star Wars films. Compared to this pathetic attempt at a family-friendly Star Wars.

Monday, January 29, 05:05:49 AM

There are some great scenes in that movie. But sadly, the price for seeing them is too high. There is no consistency in the characters, the arcs or the setting. Things happen without reason. There is no payoff to anything that was promised by the first movie in the new trilogy and to my discontent, there is no narrative coherence. Also but not the worst: cringy, childish/cartoonish and partially obstrusive humor, strange choices made by the characters, hollow performances, weird romance and a pointless 30 minute detour? Why can Rei use all the jedi tricks without proper training? Purple Lady had a very late realization. Casino planet? A lot of wasted potential. I'm flabbergasted. Switching directors mid-trilogy seems to be a poor choice in hindsight. I think I just should stop caring, it's not worth it anymore.

Monday, January 29, 05:03:27 AM

I went to see this movie on opening Friday, largely because of the great "critic" reviews. What a disappointment! Fundamentally it is just a mess of a story and takes easy ways out and destroys iconic characters from the originals. I really wanted to love this film.. but I feel nothing but betrayal and disgust. As a man, I felt personally insulted by all the feminist messages. If I want to be told how stupid, incompetent, reckless, weak, cowardly, farcical men are, I'd stayed at home or at work. Thanks a lot for making Star Wars a travesty.

Monday, January 29, 05:01:25 AM

Don't take a fan's words take Mark Hamil's, "He’s not my Luke Skywalker, but I had to do what Rian wanted me to do because it serves the story well”. This movie added NOTHING to the lose of Star Wars. You learn more about the characters in the movie from interviews rather than the movie its self. No resolution on Snoke, Knight of Ren, C3PO red arm, Rey's parents etc. The managed to actually make you not care if there is another film. Sadly the director Rian Johnson has been charged with creating another trilogy... The movie lacked originality, this Star Wars is a cross between Space Balls/ Speed (if your star ship slows down below this speed you blow up) and Mary Poppins (Leia). The social justice warriors got a hold of the script made sure every evil person is white, all men an inept, and all women are the fearless always right, wise heroes. They just forgot to make it interesting... Very sad day for the Star Wars franchise.

Monday, January 29, 04:56:06 AM

The writing is very poor, plot holes all over the place, pointless characters (Rose)... in one movie Rian Johnson and Kathleen Kennedy managed to destroy everything good about Star Wars. The treatment of Luke’s character is so poor, so lazily put together, so incoherent, so blatantly disrepectful of the original trilogy... What boggles the mind is how nobody (apart from Mark Hamill, bless his heart) tried to course correct this absolute insult of a movie. This isn’t bad because people “refuse to accept change” or “didn’t get what they wanted” or “have a problem with strong female characters”... this is bad because the writing is absolutely brain-dead.

Monday, January 29, 04:52:26 AM

It's an atrocity. Please remake this before you do episode 9. Disney has destroyed lives with this. I say boycott Disney all across the globe. Amusement parks, movies and toys. This was heresy!!

Monday, January 29, 04:49:16 AM

I feel so bad for today's kids. I grew up on the original Star Wars trilogy, which clearly laid out how love, calm, and self sacrifice = the Light side of the Force, and hatred, anger, selfishness = the Dark Side. It was clear cut, and helped guide my moral compass growing up almost as much as anything. Luke emobodied these ideals and struggled with the darkness and the light through his 3 movie arc before solidifying himself as the greatest hero in the history of movie-dom by saving his father and the galaxy. And now we have TLJ, where Disney throws everything we hold dear out the window. Luke is destroyed and treated lower than dirt. The Force and how it works is destroyed. The rebellion is destroyed. Everything the rebellion worked for in the original trilogy is destroyed. The beloved Admiral Ackbar is unceremoniously flushed in favor of a new purple haired character nobody cares about or will remember. And the main character Rey, who I am supposed to be rooting for, is essentially a Sith in the employ of the Resistance with her rampant use of untamed dark side power. Don't worry though, the porgs and horse-dogs are saved! yay! Long live Supreme Leader Ren and the victorious First Order! This film leaves people with ZERO anticipation for episode 9. Are 30 people (the entirety of the Resistance now fits in the Falcon) going to defeat a galactic Empire of billions? Who will lead the Resistance since we know Leia is dead IRL? Will they pull some other random pink haired lady from the back or do we need to wait 10 years for broom boy? Will Kylo finally turn good after slaughtering the entire galaxy or will Rey defeat him? Who cares. I'm out. See you later Disney. I'm going to go hug my pre-special edition VCR tapes of the original trilogy and cry.

Monday, January 29, 04:44:05 AM

One of the worst movies I have ever seen... I’m a huge Star Wars fan and Rogue One was a fantastic movie... the plot, the acting, the dialogue for this movie were some of the worst I’ve ever seen. Sure the cinematography was par for the course along with the cgi effects but that can’t make up for the shortcomings of a terrible story with horrendous pointless subplots

Monday, January 29, 04:41:27 AM

Basically, this is the worst film I have seen in my life. I want my 2.5hours back. I do not regard it as a Star-Wars film, as it contains nothing that made the other films enjoyable. In my opinion, it is merely a trashy Sci-Fantasy film filled top to bottom with self inconsistencies and bad comic relief.

Monday, January 29, 04:31:43 AM

Awful, awful film, how on earth the script passed any semblance of checking is beyond belief and the shameless buying of critics, to give glowing reviews is shocking. Rian Johnson has completely destroyed a franchise, which I suspect was his intention, certainly won't be watching any further Disney star wars films. Shameful.

Monday, January 29, 04:31:16 AM

Feminist propaganda. Every male hero is depicted as ''lucky''/goofy, every female hero is a strong female character, every male villain is psychotic , the only female villain is a strong female character.

Monday, January 29, 04:30:56 AM

I am not into movies, but SW was always a different beast for was and is not anymore. I have seen them all and I loved them all, but what happened to the last jedi left me speechless. So many users pointed out all of the bad decisions and plotholes. It is true. All of it! Going out to call THIS crap the best SW movie of all time is a pure marketing lie. It´s a trap. You know it. It´s ok to watch this movie in theatres once, as long as you won´t make the same mistake twice...I just watched it one time, and this is a novum for me. Please rewrite and reshoot this movie. pffft mary poppins leia boy I thought I had a bad dream.

Monday, January 29, 04:28:07 AM

I'm an avid Star Wars fan. I enjoyed The Force Awakens. The Last Jedi, I did not enjoy at all. It was weird, the audience had a good cheer at the opening crawl. Then when the movie ended it was silent. No applause, nothing. I think people left the theater feeling cheated and empty. Some people even laughed at the Leia/Superman scene. I just cringed deeper into my seat. Are we really left with the villains being Kylo and Hux? They aren't even menacing. They are just hollow characters. I just don't feel like this was a good story. I'm not looking forward to the next of Star Wars film, and that is a weird feeling for me to have.

Monday, January 29, 04:27:10 AM

Yeah it's just disneyfied star wars... it goes from serious to humor in an instant the whole subplot with Fin and Rose is pointless and if it was removed nothing would change. J.J Abrams hit a home run and Johnson forgot to run.

Monday, January 29, 04:23:35 AM

Epic garbage (without the compactor). 2.5 hours of a train wreck that does not accomplish a single task. derails the franchise from what the force awakens accomplished.

Monday, January 29, 04:12:57 AM

I am saddened that the powers that be decided to make what is basically an open hate letter to men and star wars fans rather than a good movie. Now the franchise is dead to me. I wonder if all this hate results in new fans and more money? I think we'll have to wait for 9 to see. I will not see it nor ever buy Star Wars merchandise ever again, but I will be interested in seeing the numbers it makes. Tells me more about the world we live in if it makes good box office. This one has made a lot of money. I have to hope that it mostly due to people's lack of knowledge of how hate filled it is. They were hoping to see an inclusive Star Wars movie. There's always TV.

Monday, January 29, 04:06:50 AM

If you're going to be honest then call this Star Wars Rebooted or something so true followers like me can make a choice and stay way. This is just dishonest, play-to-the-gallery filmmaking backed by a machinery that knows a billion bucks is out there to be made But here's the truth. Episode 9 is going to struggle at the box office, now that the trust and love for this saga has all but been put to waste.

Monday, January 29, 04:06:25 AM

I had to keep myself from throwing up in the theater. They did the impossible. They created a character, named Rose, who is worse than Jar Jar. I seriously hope Rian Johnson will never get to direct aka ruin another movie in his life. This feminist SJW Kennedy person has to go too. By far the worst SW movie.

Monday, January 29, 03:56:02 AM

Unfortunately this was not a film film for me a 40 year old fan of the originals. The out of place humour belittled characters and destroyed any dramatic tension. Luke Skywalker's character transformation was badly conceived and his conclusion unsatisfying, why go to the cinema to see that ending. There were numerous plot holes, one of the worst lead to the whole Casino world story which gave me flash backs to the Phantom menace. The way the force was handled in the movie didn't align with how it worked in earlier films. I simply wasn't entertained. Won't be rushing to see more of these.

Monday, January 29, 03:53:45 AM

I'm not laughing at the bad one liners from Last Jedi; I'm laughing at how this movie has plummeted, demonstrating how the merit of a film is not based upon ticket sales. Too much drek to go into detail, but let's just say anything Disney labels Star Wars is an amateurish knockoff of George Lucas' genius. The deconstruction of cherished characters and social justice pandering is enough to make a Tusken Raider vomit. My suggestion is to ignore the generic piffle that is Disney and savor the Original Star Wars Universe.

Monday, January 29, 03:53:25 AM

Symbolism in this film is NOT subtle: Luke tossing the lightsaber behind his back? Thats Rian's contempt for everything thats gone before. Luke squeezing alien sea-cow teets? Thats Disney milking the franchise dry. All that chat about "killing the past" and the Fascist/Communist book-burning? Thats Kathleen Kennedy reappropriating SW's burnt out husk to serve political agendas. Utterly DISGUSTING piece of film that will only be more despised with age.

Monday, January 29, 03:52:02 AM

I've been reading through the criticisms of "The Last Jedi" and I must say that I agree with a lot of the opinions. There are way too many plot inconsistencies and ham-fisted attempts at social commentary in this film for it to actually be entertaining. I found myself so distracted by the forced representation of current political issues that it completely failed to teleport me to a "long time ago in a galaxy far, far away...." For me, the absolute deal-breaker comes when ghost Yoda burns the ancient Jedi texts, citing that they're not page-turners and that Rey has all of the knowledge that she needs without them. If we remove the thin veil from this metaphor and apply it to our own world, you'll see that Master Yoda is really burning the Holy Bible and claiming that it is not necessary. I can't be a fan of this franchise any longer.

Monday, January 29, 03:50:53 AM

I think the theme of this movie is "Kill the Past" which I think it did effectively. At first I thought it was okay but if I'm being honest this is just a bad movie. It will never be what I want it to be--which is fine. It is fine if Disney wants to take the franchise in this direction but I will step out the side door. Good luck

Monday, January 29, 03:47:27 AM

Star Wars has become so inundated with feminists and SJW's that the franchise is dead. Thanks, Disney. It's movies like this that make me wish Metacritic offered negative numbers in their rating scale

Monday, January 29, 03:41:25 AM

Probably the worst film I have seen in my life. I feel sick after watching it. Boring, answers no questions, multiple dead endings, comedy scenes completely out of place, really bad script, many characters that fade into irrelevance, incoherence... It does not entertain.

Monday, January 29, 03:39:53 AM

Bad writing. Utterly bad writing , plot holes bigger than a black hole, 2d characters with dialogue to match. To me it feels like a story someone has written just to spite all the internet rumors. Tossing away what the original three films